Homemade Gifts Involving Mason Jars

Whether you are looking to save a little money this holiday season or if you simply want to give something a little more thoughtful than your typical gift card, there are plenty of homemade gifts involving mason jars that you can create. Many of these require no special skills, so you don’t need to be handy in the kitchen to make them. So, if you are doing a Secret Santa gift exchange at your office, or if you simply want to give something special to the people you spend one-third of your day with, these will all make a great gift for coworkers.

  • Snowman Cookie Jar – It is easy to decorate a jar to look like a snowman with a few basic supplies from your craft store. Then, you can fill them with fresh baked cookies or homemade chocolates. Of course, you don’t have to stick with a snowman; you can make a reindeer, candy cane, present or anything else out of a little felt, pipe cleaner and glitter.
  • Homemade Cocoa – Although you can simply add cocoa mix to jars and decorate with a nice ribbon, you can also get a lot more creative. Why not layer the ingredients for a nice visual display? You can even put a layer of chocolate chips on the bottom and marshmallows or pieces of crushed peppermint on top.
  • Jar of Bath Salts – If you are a little crafty with essential oils and sea salts, you can make  your own bath salts. Otherwise, you can always buy them, pour in the jar and of course, decorate the jar. You can decorate the jar with a seasonal theme, or make it tropical by gluing seashells and hemp around it.
  • GranolaDo you have coworkers who are a little more health conscious? Making granola is about the easiest thing you can use your oven for. It is simple and delicious, and it is sure to be a gift anyone will appreciate, especially when they need an afternoon pick-me-up.
  • Cookie Mix – Measuring out ingredients and pouring it in a decorative mason jar is pretty easy to do. You can print labels with cooking instructions and any additional ingredients that need to be added right from the computer, and glue or tape them to the jars. You don’t have to stick exclusively with cookies either. You can do cake, muffins or any other type of batter as well.
  • Personalized Snow GlobesThese are a lot easier to make than you might think! You can glue a holiday ornament to the inside of the lid, so the jar actually sits upside-down. Then, you will need white glitter and glycerin for inside and waterproof caulking or gorilla glue to create a seal around the lid.
  • Candles – Do you enjoy making candles? Well, if you have never tried it, they are a lot easier to make than you probably think. You can turn the entire jar into a very unique candle.
  • Painted Vase – Why not make unique vases? You can paint them, add ribbons or whatever you want. Everyone always has large vases for a bouquet, but what about when you want to just snip a few flowers from the garden? A mason jar is the perfect size for a small vase.
  • Dessert – You can actually turn a mason jar into layers of mouthwatering desserts. Make a large sheet cake and cut out circles to fit in the jar. Add icing or fresh fruit between every later. Alternatively, you can make apple crisp or peach cobbler and stuff your jar full, or creamy cheesecake is always a great idea. Just make sure you attach a spoon or fork to the jar, because they will want to snack on these treats right away.
  • Chex Mix – Making a homemade, no-bake Chex Mix is easy and it is a gift for coworkers that anyone will want to snack on. Print decorative Christmas labels, add festive ribbon and attach a candy cane on the outside, and you are all set!

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