Bake the Perfect Coworker Gift

Before you even get started, you need to do a little self-evaluation. If you want to bake the perfect coworker gifts, you need to know your way around the kitchen, and not just to press the buttons on the microwave. When you bake, do you find that everyone scatters, or they are suddenly on a strict diet? There is a reason for this! Some people are just not naturally gifted in this department, but that is okay; this is what bakeries are for!

Consider the Person

Although baked goods can be the perfect gift ideas for coworkers, they are not always practical or well thought through. You need to know if the person you are baking for has any dietary restrictions. For example, do they need gluten-free food, or are they lactose-intolerant? [Read more…]

Buy Your Coworker a Faux Window

What do you do when you pull someone’s name in the office gift exchange, and you know absolutely nothing about them? Are you supposed to suddenly spark up a conversation out-of-the-blue to pry for ideas? Obviously this would more than give the surprise away that you have their name, if you have never exchanged more than a simple hello. While you may not care to ruin the surprise, some people actually like them! If you are looking for a gift idea for coworkers that is just as perfect for your best friend in the office as it is for a perfect stranger, you may want to simply buy your coworker a faux window. [Read more…]

12 Cool Paper Weights as a Coworker Gift

I don’t care how digital your office is, the fact is, there is still paper everywhere. Try to get some of those dead tree remnants under control by investing in a paper weight.  Functional yet beautiful, these practical devices allow workers to display their individuality by placing a piece of “art” right on their desk.  Paper weights make a great coworker gift! [Read more…]