Help Your Coworker Get in Shape at Work

Looking for a gift for coworkers that will actually be useful and make their life better? Then you should definitely consider fitness devices. With most of us spending more than eight hours per day seated in front of a laptop screen, usually in an awful posture, office fitness can really contribute to improving our health and sense of well-being. Help your coworker get in shape at work with those little gadgets that will make fitness at the office not only possible, but fun as well!


First of all, let’s make something clear: angry employees, computer screens and kettlebells do not mix well. If, however, your colleague is good at anger management, then getting them a set of kettlebells can be not only safe, but greatly beneficial. They come in many different weights, so they are suitable both for people who are new and experienced when it comes to fitness. They are small, so easy to store in an office drawer, which is quite convenient. This set comes with a DVD with instructions as well, to get them started.


Pedometers and Fitbits

Some times, the first step towards changing our routine is to realize what is wrong with it. If you are looking for a gift for coworkers who drive at work, use the elevator, drive to pick up their kids from school and then drive to the grocery store, then a pedometer might be the ideal gift for them. They will realize that taking so few steps per day cannot be good for their health and might start to improve their habits, using public transport, parking a bit further from the office or going to the sore on foot. Walking is a mild yet amazing form of exercise and a pedometer helps track it accurately. If you want to get them something fancier, then a fitbit is what you should be looking for. It tracks not only steps, but also the distance and calories burnt. It allows the user to set goals and earn badges and synchs with computers and smartphones as well.


Mini Cycle

This one is such a great invention! If your coworker loved stationary cycling at the gym but can no longer find time for fitness after the office, they are going to love you. This Mini Cycle device is compact and small enough to go under your coworker’s desk. He will then be able to cycle to reach all those deadlines! Plus, it can go on the top of their desk, allowing them to use it to tone their arms and back as well! The intensity can be adjusted according to the users needs, so that’s an added bonus.



Balance Ball

Have you ever attended a yoga or pilates class that used those big balance balls? If you have, then you know how great they are in supporting the spine. Many people have found that replacing their regular office chair with a balance ball makes a great difference in their posture and reduces tension back aches. For those that find balancing too distracting or challenging, there is the option of a chair with a balance ball instead of a cushion. This way you get all the health benefits of the balance ball, without the need to worry that you will roll over. If you feel that your coworker will find it hard to adapt, then you can also get them a book that will convince them about the health benefits. This one has some great reviews.




Mini Trampoline

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t want a mini trampoline? They are great fun and also a perfect way to get some top quality cardiovascular exercise, that is easy on the joints. Additionally, jumping on a trampoline helps relieve stress and let some steam off, which is quite important in a stressful office environment.

There are also many books available, both in hardcover and kindle versions, that give detailed instructions on how to exercise and take small fitness brakes while at work. This is a good one for beginners. And now that your coworker will start working out, why not starting doing so yourself?

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