Gifts for Coffee Drinkers at Work

Coffee fuels the workplace.  The caffeinated beverage has crept into corporate culture and is a crutch for employees all around the world.  If you’re looking for a coworker holiday gift or the perfect goodbye gifts for coworkers, there are a bevy of coffee-themed gifts that can help make you the office champ. After all, nothing spreads the cheer like a jolt of java.

Here is the ultimate list of gifts for coffee drinkers.

Traveling Mugs
All of those Venti Caramel Mochachinos can start to add up after a while! Give your coworker the gift that allows them to brew their coffee at home and show up to work with a stylish, spill-proof travel mug.  Generally under $20, these insulated tumblers will save your work friends money, keep their coffee hot, and the environment will thank you too.

I picked up a Contigo Autoseal mug in the holiday gift exchange a few years back and it is by far the best travel mug I have ever owned.

French Press
Whether you call it a press pot, coffee plunger,cafetière, or a French Press, these cylindrical beakers make simple coffee…and also double as a desk conversation piece!

Completely portable and self contained, there is no better way to enjoy coffee at work than via French Press.

Many versions hold multiple cups, meaning the gift recipient can share a brew with fellow cubemates.

The Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press is top-rated and extremely popular among workers.

Coffee Grinder
Nothing satisfies the senses like a fresh-brewed cup of coffee from REAL, unprocessed beans.  Coffee grinders are an inexpensive way to enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be drank.  Small and battery-operated, these gadgets often double as a spice grinder as well. From fresh cinnamon to rare Costa Rican Tarrazu, a stainless steel grinder can bring joy to any worker’s morning.

Coffee Bean Plant
Appeal to the horticulturist that lives inside of every office worker by allowing them to grow their very own coffee bean plant. Everyone who is stuck underneath the fluorescent lights of indoor monotony will appreciate the fact you are encouraging them to grow a green thumb.

For example, this coffee plant will yield arabica beans and is about 8″ tall.  However, treat this plant well and it will soon be several feet.  Coffee plants let off a gentle yet floral aroma and require a temperature between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cup Sleeves
Odds are that the person in your office who is responsible for buying supplies such as paper coffee cups is working with a tight budget.  That means thin disposable cups. The kind that even when you double up burn your hand.  Add a little flair to a coworkers coffee cup with a funky and stylish cup sleeve.  This will help them differentiate their cup, while protecting their typing hand from a career-threatening injury.  “Cup jackets” come in all sorts of colors and styles, from handmade embroidery to pink zebra cup jackets, this is a great coworker gift for creative types.

Coffee Soaps
For some people, the love of coffee doesn’t end as they spill it down their throats.  Some love the smell of coffee so much that they choose to scrub themselves down with coffee soap. A natural exfoliant, coffee can helps move away dead skin while the caffeine tightens skin for a wrinkle-free look.  The office coffee fanatic can now enjoy the odor of java juice all day long.

Whole Bean Coffee
There are so many whole bean coffee options to choose from that there is no blog post long enough to explain the differences.  One of the most popular products on the Web is Kicking Horse Organic Fair Trade coffee. The Kick Ass Dark is a blend of Indonesian and Central American roasts designed to wake your butt up.

Java Logs
Burn baby burn!  With winter almost upon us, it’s a great time to light up that fireplace and enjoy the aromatic warmth that only a fireplace can deliver. The entire house will have a clean odor when you burn a “Java-log” Fireplace Log.  Made from coffee grounds and vegetable oil, these 5lbs. crackling logs will burn for three hours.

Coffee Jewelry
The office coffee drinker will love this holiday gift!  These charms are designed to look like a coffee mug or a coffee cup from your favorite chain.  Proudly display your love for cafe with a little bling.

Coffee Candy
Whether your coworker craves cappuccino, espresso, or straight up coffee, these coffee candies from around the world will be sure to delight their senses. From sucking candies to super-charged caffeinated gum, these sweets will help fight the 4pm work slump.

Other coffee-related coworker gifts include:

Coffee Books
Unique Coffee Mugs
– Gift Cards to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks
Assorted K-Cups
Coffee of the Month Club
Coffee Baskets

Perk a coworker up with a coffee-themed gift for the holidays or to say goodbye.  With something as universally accepted like coffee, you can’t go wrong! Share your coffee gift ideas in the comments section below.

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