Online Gifts for Coworkers

Sometimes you are so busy at work and home that you forget to schedule your gifts for coworkers shopping excursion. And we all know that last minute shopping, especially during Christmas time, can be a real nightmare. Fortunately, there is always the solution of online shopping, but with delivery times being often long, you need to buy your gifts way ahead of time. There is a solution for that as well! Online gifts for coworkers that do not require you to go to the shops or wait for them to be delivered. Following you will find a gift ideas for coworkers that are modern, original, useful and won’t take up space in your colleague’s storage room, in case they hate them.

For the colleague who has it all: Amazon e-gift cards

Amazon has a huge variety of products in so many categories, that your coworker will certainly find something that they like. The e-card can be delivered via e-mail within 15 minutes after you make your order. You can also print it and send it to them or you can even post your gift on their Facebook wall!

gift_cardsFor the music and movies lover: iTunes gift card

Starting from $25 and going up to $250, the iTunes gift card can be used to get many different products from the iTunes store. Your colleague will be able to download songs, movies apps, games, ebooks and more. Just make sure that your coworker owns an iPhone, iPod or iPad. Even if they don’t, they can still enjoy the content they downloaded on their Mac or PC but the fun of portability is gone.

More gifts for coworkers…

For the press lover: magazine subscriptions

If you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers who love to read magazines to relax or get informed, then magazine e-subscriptions are a great idea. Magazines in many different genres offer this option, so no matter what the interests of your coworker, you will find a magazine that suits their tastes. Just make sure that they own a kindle or that the online magazine edition is readable on their PC. National Geographic, MAD magazine and Cosmopolitan are some of the top consumer choices, when it comes to e-subscriptions.

For the grilling master: Grill it app

If your coworker prides himself in his barbeque skills, help him take his hobby to the next level with this app, full of grilling recipes and barbeque tips. The app is organized in handy categories, according to the type of meat or vegetables that are going to be grilled. New recipes are added every day as well.

For the golf lover: Golshot Golf GPS

Yes, this app is quite pricey compared to all the other fun apps out there, but it comes with a load of features as well. There are more than 40.000 golf courses in the GPS database and the player can each time locate his position and the distance to the neighboring pins. It also creates automatically statistical graphs for each round, that track the players improvement.

Another great idea, if you are thinking to get your coworkers apps as gifts, is to find apps that will help them organize their activities and manage their time, so that they work more efficiently and have more free time for themselves. There are apps out there that will do anything, from remembering your passwords for you, to helping you organize your taxes. Any busy coworker will appreciate them. If you want to spend a specific amount and apps just seem to cheap, you can always make a combination of relevant apps and buy a bunch of them for your coworker! The more, the better.

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