Unique Cup Holder Gift Ideas for Work Colleagues

We all love our morning cup of coffee, making cup gift ideas for work colleagues a great fit.  So is you are looking for gift ideas for work colleagues, why not get them something that will allow them to have their favorite cup close by at all times? There are many unique cup holder gift ideas out there. This list is just a selection of the ones that looked more practical and more fun to us. They also are reasonably priced, making them a great gift for the office Secret Santa party!

buy-nowThe laptop cushion

Coffee and laptop: these do don’t mix well, right? All of us have had scares -if not small tragedies- involving a cup of liquid that flipped right next (or onto) our precious laptop, filled with years of work and memories. This is why a laptop cushion desk with a built-in cup holder is such a great gift idea for work colleagues. This one even comes with a led light and built-in pencil and paper holder! Now you want one for yourself, don’t you?




buy-nowThe desk clip

That is pure genius. Imagine an over-sized clothes pin that clips at the side of your desk and has a hole to accommodate your favorite cup or mug. How awesome is that? First, you save space on your desk, since the cup is floating next to it. Secondly, the mug is away from your PC or laptop, thus making spillage accidents practically impossible. You can find it here and it comes in many colors as well. The perfect gift ideas for work colleagues whose desk is always a gigantic pile of papers and clutter.

buy-nowThe sliding rack

For the coworker who wants one cup for his tea, one of his coffee, one for his hot chocolate… In other words, this is great for the mug enthusiast. It doesn’t go onto the desk, but in the kitchen cabinet (a cubicle cabinet would work as well, I suppose). It is a great way to save space in the tiny office kitchenette as well. You can try out this model. It is made of lightweight yet durable plastic and is a breeze to install.



buy-nowThe camping style holder

This is a great product. It is super cheap but super useful as well. Black ripstop polyester plus net make the perfect cup holder that can be attached in all folding chairs and quite a few regular ones. Your coworker can use it not only during office hours, but also when they go on the beach or fishing. It can hold cans of soda as well as standard and large size coffee shop cups. Now thos are some great gift ideas for work colleagues!

buy-nowThe stacking solution

Again, a space saving solution for those colleagues who want to have more than one mugs and not have to bother with dish washing every time they finish their coffee. This stackable cup holder comes with four porcelain cups and saucers as well. This cup holder has a classic design that fits any office kitchenette, no matter what the style.

The coasters

Even though technically not a cup holder, a coaster can be very helpful in damage prevention from spilled coffee. No more important documents with coffee stains or soaked in condensation. Splat Stan is a really funny one, even though it features a guy -Stan, that is- who, as the product description reads “got splatted protecting your table from coffee stains”. Another type of fun coasters that we like are the ones filled with colorful liquid and all sorts of things. Kids adore them, but if your coworker is a child at heart, he is going to love them too. Have a look for example at these adorable puddle coasters, featuring crocodiles and turtles floating in water. They can be hung on the wall as well, adding a fun note as gift ideas for work colleagues.



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