Gifts for Coworkers Birthdays

It’s your colleague’s birthday!  Cake in the break room is a great treat, but what about something a little more personal?  Gifts for coworkers birthdays are less hard to choose than you think, and here’s a handy guide to help you get started.

Mug Warmer

Everyone needs a pick-me-up during the workday, but they don’t always have time to drink it.  Keep your associate’s coffee or tea from getting lukewarm and disgusting with this Mug Warmer.  It even doubles as a coaster, so maybe you’ll stop getting paperwork with coffee rings.


Pen Stand

If you’re never good at choosing gifts for coworkers birthdays, adding a little life to your cohort’s desk with the Potted Pen Stand is always safe.  Made to look like a pot of freshly growing grass, but it never needs to be watered and will hold all of your desk clutter!  Just make sure everyone else knows not to water it too.


Business Card Holder

Sometimes the best gifts are things they never knew they needed.  Less work than a rolodex and cuter too, this Business Card File Cabinet has an A-Z index for your cards and a little clock in the top drawer.  It’s small enough to easily fit on your desk, or if you’re really into grouping things together you can keep it with the other filing cabinets.


Tape Dispenser

For the dog lover, or just someone who likes the idea of taking things from canine mouths, a Dog Tape Dispenser is a great way to say “I know you like dogs, but I’m not getting you a real one.”  It’s much quieter than a real dog, and no one has to argue about whose turn it is to walk the dog.


Office Prank Book

gifts for coworkers birthdays don’t have to be boring.  Or even necessarily safe.  Cubicle Warfare lists 101 office traps and pranks, all illustrated and with complete instructions.  The difficulty ranges from novice to expert, and with this book around the office certainly won’t be boring.  It’s a good thing you trust your colleague, or you would have to watch your back after giving them this gift.  You do trust them, don’t you?

WTF Slammer

Because sometimes the craziness can get to be too much, this WTF Slammer says what you can’t.  With sound effects to keep it safe for work, this button has ten different ways to express disbelief and dismay.


Desk Tidy

All the little things on your desk are so hard to keep in one place.  Erasers and paper clips always seem to find their way into the weirdest places.  Give your associate a Frog Desk Tidy to help contain the tiny pieces of office life which always try to escape.

From gag gifts to practical items, it’s never been easier to get a heartfelt gift for your colleague’s birthday.  Just hop online and order, and you will never have to explain why you didn’t get them anything again.

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