Cheap Budget Tablets As Coworker Gifts

If you are looking for a special gift for coworkers that is a bit more fascinating than a stapler or yet another pencil case, then you might want to consider something from the wide range of cheap budget tablets. Nowadays more and more people use such devices while commuting. Some will work on them, while others will read a book, play games or make their grocery list. Touchscreen devices have a multitude of uses and they are great as they take up much less space and are much lighter than a lap top or a book. Have a look at our picks. They are all less than $100 and you will make that lucky coworker very happy! It’s a great Secret Santa gift too!

buy-nowChromo Inc 7” Android 4.1




This light tablet comes with a dual core CPU and an Android 4.1 Operating system. It is essentially the economic version of an iPad, as Chromo is also sensitive to the movement of all fingers and allows for two fingers zooming, three finger click settings and so on. It has a decent memory of 512 MB which is greatly expanded by a NANDFlash of 4GB. That is more than enough to store hundreds of pictures, your favorite music and a movie or two on these cheap budget tablets. Chromo comes with a 1.3 MP front camera and you can use it to view all types of picture files. When it comes to entertainment, Chromo can read all mainstream sound and video file types as well as some more obscure ones. And if you are looking for a gift for coworkers who are gamers, Chromo will leave them satisfied, as it supports 3D gaming. Standard Office and e-mail functions are there as well of course.

buy-nowProntotec 7” Capacitive Touch Screen Tablet PC



This slim tablet has a sim card slot and can be used a phone — something many cheap budget tablets won’t do. Apart from all the standard tablet functions that allow you to send mails and use MS Office, Prontotec can also be used to read Kindle files. All you need to do it download Kindle for Tablets or Androids. You can also read all types of pdf and txt files with it. When it comes to gaming, it has a powerful 3D accelerator and when it comes to movies and music, it has a built-in speaker and a stereo headphone jack. Its battery can last for up to 3 hours, meaning that you can watch a whole movie, without the need to recharge. As for pictures, Prontotec comes with two cameras: the front one is 0.3M and the rear one 2M. And with a memory that can be expanded up to 32 GB, you can get as many pictures as you like.

buy-nowKindle 6” display




Kindle has become the favorite device of commuters and people who travel a lot and for good reason. This e-book reading device is lighter than a book and fits in every bag and even pockets. It has no glare, which makes it much easier on the eyes, compared to other touchscreen devices. The fonts are easy to read and the user can zoom in or out. Kindle books are now less than $10 each and there are even some editions that are Kindle exclusive. This Kindle version can hold more than 1,000 books. What’s new is that users can now make notes, much like you would do on the margin of a real book. It is also easy to share your favorite paragraph on social media, without the need to navigate away from the page that you are reading. Kindle might not have gaming options or a camera, but what it does, it does in the best way possible and is one of the best name brand cheap budget tablets.

Other cheap tablet option with many features is 9” Google Android 4.0 and if you do not want to spend that much for your coworker, but they are touchscreen enthusiasts, then you can always buy them gadgets, like a rainbow selection of touchscreen pens or special touchscreen gloves that will allow them to use their favorite device during winter, without freezing.

Cheap budget tablets are  a surefire gift idea for coworkers to enjoy at the office or at home.

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