Cheap Watches As Gifts for Coworkers

You know what they say: time is money. And since offering money as gifts for coworkers can be quite inappropriate, you can offer them time! A watch is a great gift for a special occasion, like a promotion, a coworker changing department within the company or even as a birthday gift. You don’t have to go bankrupt to get a cute watch for your colleague either. If you are looking for cheap watches as gifts for coworkers, take a look at our picks. You will surely find something to fit your coworker’s taste and personality.

watch1For the elegant lady

For the coworker who loves pencil skirts, pearl earrings and silk shirts, you should choose an equally elegant watch. This Anne Klein model has a genuine leather soft pink strap and a rosegold-tone case. The dial is made of mother of pearl and the numbers are roman and with a matching rosegold-tone finishing. Such a watch is easy to wear every day with all sorts of neutral tones, like gray, taupe, aubergine or pistachio greens. Your coworker will love it and appreciate your taste as well.

For the young colleague

People in their twenties prefer casual watches, that they can wear with all types of clothing, in all sorts of activities. So, if you are looking for a gift for coworkers who are in their twenties -like that exceptional intern, who finally got hired- choosing a modern, casual watch is a great idea. We like this one from Timex. It’s simple design makes it both office-appropriate and suited for a party night out as well. The case is round and the numbers simple, both in 12 and 24-hour mode. The second hand is red; a happy touch. The nylon band comes in many colors, from neutral ones, like olive green, to bolder combinations, like the orange-gray combination.

watch2For the retro lover

Remember when we were ten years old and so excited with our new gadget: the digital watch? No? Then you are probably born in the ’90s and are not old enough to appreciate this type of watch. The all-time classic Casio sports watch will make your coworker smile, reminding them of racing competitions with their classmates. It features and date and time display as well as a digital stopwatch. It also has a nightlight and alarm and cost a bit more than $10. There is also this urban legend attached to it, that hipsters and terrorists are equally in love with it, for different reasons.

For the fit lady

You know, the one who bikes to work, has a gorgeous body -thanks to hours spent at the gym- and drinks kombucha instead of a double caramel latte. This coworker will greatly appreciate a sport watch that she can also wear at work. Look for something elegant, that features a timer, lap counter, nightlight and is waterproof. Quite a hard combination, right? Well, Timex has probably just what you need. Their ladies Ironman model is comfortable enough to wear 24/7 and will be appreciate by every ambitious runner, both in the sports and career tracks.

For the minimalist

If you are looking for a gift for coworkers that you don’t know very well, or if you are looking for a watch for that colleague who prefers classic suits and ties and seems rather conservative, then this black simple Casio is a great choice. A round case with gold-tone lines, instead of numbers and gold-tone hands make this watch a classic. It is easy to combine with all types of clothes and comfortable to wear the whole day.

For the old-school lady

And by old-school, we don’t necessarily mean older. Many young professionals like elegant watches that look timeless. This Timex model features a fine leather croco-embossed strap and calligraphic numbers, that are big enough to read easily. It is also water resistant and has a night-light, which makes it very practical for every day use.

And for the coworker who already has the perfect watch, this watch repair kit is sure to impress!

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