Gifts for Coworkers Under $10

Time to buy gifts for yet another round of office gift-giving, so hop on your trusty computer and find the perfect gifts for coworkers under $10.  No need to go outside and search for good deals in gift shops – there are bears outside.

Pen Holder

Help your associates get their desk tidy with a Trash and Recycle Can Set to put their pens, scissors and letter openers in.  For once, it will be okay that the trash can is overflowing.




Push Pins

Want useful and unique gifts for coworkers under $10?  These Nessie Pins are a fun way to bring a little bit of mythical monster into your office.  With 24 pieces in the set you can make as many Nessies as you want, or one really long monster with a bunch of heads and tails left over.




Memo Pad

Sweets lovers unite!  This Cupcake Memo Pad is attractive and functional, with 150 pieces of paper and a paper clip to hold your place.  When not in use, it’s a desk ornament which looks exactly like a cupcake.  It’s so pretty you might want to eat it instead of use it as note paper.


Tea Infuser

For the tea drinker in your office, a Mister Tea Infuser is the ideal gift under $10.  He lounges on the edge of a mug and unwinds in the hot water while your tea brews.  You can feel better knowing that at least one person in the office is relaxing in a hot tub.


Desk Calendar

If you’re looking for gifts for coworkers under $10 that will shock and dismay, look no further than the People of Walmart Desk Calendar.  Based on the popular website, this calendar has 365 pictures of the bizarre things people sometimes wear to Walmart, because there are never enough bad pictures on your colleague’s desk.



This Paper Airplane Doorstop looks so realistic that it is certain to be a conversation piece, and it’s useful too!  Just make sure you give it to someone with a door, otherwise it’s just a really sturdy paper airplane.


Sandwich Bags

Is there a lunch thief in your office?  Help your associates protect their goodies with Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags.  Not for the faint of stomach, but they are certain to keep away any snack predators with 2 different gross bug designs.  If bugs aren’t your thing, you can always use the Moldy Sandwich Bags instead.


All these gifts for coworkers under $10 will make you want them too!  Hopefully someone else in your office will be as good at finding great gifts as you are.  If not, you know where to find everything.

Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers During Any Season

There are many occasions throughout the year, that will require from you to shop for a gift for coworkers. Birthdays, Christmas, a promotion, a coworker moving to another department or a colleague coming back after parental leave are just a few instances when you are expected to offer up a little something. Looking for inexpensive gifts for coworkers during any season does not have to be a chore. There are tons of cheap yet fun and practical gifts that will brighten your colleague’s day. Depending on your coworker’s personality, you can stick to more serious gifts or pick a hilarious present. No matter what you choose from our list, they are going to love it and your pocket will love it too! [Read more…]

Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers – Under $50

If you work somewhere that participates in a holiday gift exchange or if you simply work with a few people you consider to be friends, you will need some gift ideas for coworkers. The problem of course is finding something that  is nice enough to be truly enjoyed, but not so expensive that it breaks the bank. If you are struggling to come up with ideas of inexpensive gifts for coworkers under $50, this list should give you a little inspiration.

DVD Box Set
If you know the person is a huge fan of Hellraiser, Halloween, Married…With Children, The Three Stooges or any other classic collection, you could get them a box set of DVDs.

Passport Wallet
Are you shopping for a frequent flier? Why not buy a nice passport wallet for them? Sure, there are tons of really cheap wallets like this available, but a gift should be something the receiver wouldn’t traditionally splurge on themselves. [Read more…]

8 Fancy Tissue Box Holders

Ahhhh-choo! For those of us that work in an office, we have become accustomed to a dust-filled world that survives on recycled air.  Add in those annoying coworkers who decide to come in when they are sick, and you’ll understand why tissues are a must-have item on any desk.  But why settle for a boring tissue box when you can spice up an office with a fancy tissue box holder?  Here are several of our favorites that make great inexpensive gifts for coworkers during the holidays.

simplehuman Square Tissue Box Holder
Add a little “swank” to any desk with this fancy schmancy chrome tissue box holder. Made from durable die-cast zinc, the scratch-resistant finish ensures that coworkers will let you ‘shine on’ after they bum a tissue.  An innovative bottom clamp locks the tissue box in place. [Read more…]