Office Secret Santa Gift: Crowd-Pleasing Movies

Christmas time is for most people also time spent with their family and loved ones. So if you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers, you can offer them a movie that they can enjoy with their partner and/or kids. Following you will find a great selection of crowd-pleasing movies for the office secret Santa gift exchange. There is something for every taste.

The Nightmare Before Christmas


This Christmas classic directed by Tim Burton is a dark fairy tale that will impress young and old audience alike. The story of Jack Skellington and Sally unravels in Christmas Town, and after many adventures and some pretty amazing songs, the happy ending comes to please everyone. Keep in mind that very young children might find some of the characters scary. After all, Jack is at some point singing “There’s children throwing snowballs / instead of throwing heads / they’re busy building toys / and absolutely no one’s dead!”. Still an amazing movie, filled with love and friendship. [Read more…]

Get a Coworker an MP3 Player Gift

When it comes to listening to music on a small portable device, there are many options far superior to the Apple iPod.  Not only do they sometimes offer superior sound quality, a greater array of features, and come in a smaller package, but they are inexpensive as well.

If you are looking for a great holiday gift for a coworker, consider one of these cool MP3 players: [Read more…]

How to Hold the Perfect Office Secret Santa

If you are wondering how to hold the perfect office Secret Santa, there is a very good chance that you have been around a lot of whining and complaining in the past over this event. Have you ever noticed that when it is time to draw names, people just disappear? Do you have coworkers who tend to call in sick on the day of the actual exchange? Does half the staff spend the day complaining about what they got?

If this sounds like your workplace, then you are actually part of the majority. What is it about Secret Santa and shopping for a gift for coworkers that seems to bring out the inner scrooge in even some of the most joyful people? Well, you can change this! There are things that you can do to have a gift exchange that leaves everyone so happy that they can’t wait until next year. [Read more…]

Unique Pens Make Great Office Secret Santa Gifts

Despite the abundance of high-tech devices in offices around the world, it is still imperative to have a writing instrument on you at all times.  A unique pen can be a great Secret Santa gift or holiday stocking stuffer for a coworker.  Here are a few unique ideas.

50 Caliber Machine Gun Bullet Pen
Classified as decommissioned amunition, this brass pen is an actual machine gun bullet.

12-in-1 Multi-Function Tool Pen
Deemed the “World’s Most Functional Pen” by Guinness World Records, this multi-purpose pen makes a great gift for handymen, campers or anyone who wants to be prepared for life’s little emergencies. [Read more…]