Gifts for Coworkers That Are Inappropriate

Throughout the year, and especially around Christmas, there are going to be some gift exchange occasions in the office. If you are tired of looking for the politically correct thing to offer each and every time, the time has come for you to start a revolution! Read through our list of top gifts for coworkers that are inappropriate and let’s see how long before you get fired! Note: We are just kidding. The economy is awful right now.  Don’t get yourself fired. Make sure that your coworkers and boss have a sense of humor and they will appreciate having a good laugh. Alright, now that we made it clear, let’s see what will make people smile.

Unmotivational Posters

You know those motivational posters that can be found in any place of torture, like your work space, hospitals, the dentist or exam centers? Most of the times they just cause more frustration, instead of bringing comfort or motivation into our poor souls. Unmotivational posters, on the other hand, are brutally honest. Here is an example: “Failure: If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence you tried”.

angerRude Mugs

Who likes waking up early to go to work every day? No one does. And who likes deadlines chasing them before they even get a sip of their morning coffee? You guessed it. So do your coworker a favor and buy them a rude mug that will keep annoying people away, at least until they manage to finish their coffee. This one makes it clear that your colleague believes everyone is stupid and that one warns people that they are not really good in anger management.

The Tiki Tissue box

Disgusting, therefore inappropriate, but really funny. This Tiki Head tissue box has the tissue opening in the most awkward place: the head’s nostrils. So basically, if you think about it, you are cleaning your hands or face with Tiki paper snot. Still, it looks great and it is made from quality materials, because it would be very disappointing if such a classy gift would get ruined fast, right?

bullshitThe Bullshit Button

If you are looking for a gift for coworkers who have a hard time with confronting others, make their lives easier with this bullshit button. Whenever someone comes to them with lame excuses or a load of extra work, they can just push their amazing button and it will turn red and start buzzing loudly. It gets the message through and your shy coworker won’t have to say a thing!

The Wine Bottle Glass

This is a hilarious and handy gift for the Christmas office party. This bottle glass fits 750 ml of wine and no matter how boring the party is, your coworker is guaranteed to have a lot of -drunken- fun. Just make sure that you offer it to someone you know well, because you never know who can be in AA. And they will surely not appreciate your fun gesture.

Toilet Paper $100 Bills

Are you looking for an appropriately inappropriate gift for coworkers who whine all the time about their low salary? Get them a toilet paper that looks exactly like $ 100 bills. Hopefully they will realize that money is just paper after all. Just a note though: if you are the boss, don’t get this as a gift for your employees. It could start a month-long strike.

There are hundreds of inappropriate gifts out there. You need to know the sense of humor of your colleagues though, in order to make a successful choice that will make them laugh really hard. There is ony one choice that will everyone laugh, regardless of their taste. Behold, the King of inappropriate gift, the Yodeling Pickle. Make sure to read the reviews and you will certainly be convinced that this is the best choice.

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