The Best Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Sometimes the best Christmas gifts for coworkers are the ones they can use at home. Time flies by and Christmas will soon be around the corner. So why not get prepared for your office’s gift swap ahead of time? Last minute gift shopping only leads to obvious, cliché choices. And no one likes the boring coworker, right? Don’t worry. That’s why we are here. Following you will find the best Christmas gifts for coworkers, ones that will keep them smiling for days. Ranging from cute and useful to downright hilarious and inappropriate, this list of gift ideas for coworkers has something for every taste.

Office supplies with a twist

Your coworkers spend at least eight hours of their day at the office. Don’t they deserve a little color and fun on their desk? Of course they do! That’s why they would be thrilled to replace their regular pen holder with the Dead Fred pen holder. Poor Fred, before he died he had many friends, like Splat Stan aka The Coaster, and Magnet Man, who always keeps paperclips in place with his magnetic powers. Those guys are an unfortunate but hilarious bunch.

alarm-clockAlarm clocks everyone will love

Quite an oxymoron. We all hate our alarm clocks. How many times have you fantasized shooting your alarm clock, to make it shut up? Well, now you can do just that! When the Lock n’ Load Gun alarm clock goes off, a target pops up at the top and you have to shoot it, to make the alarm stop. No way you are going back to sleep after that adrenaline rush! If you are looking for something cheaper, this analog twin bell alarm clock is guaranteed to wake your coworker up in seconds the retro way.

Some wine to celebrate

It’s Christmas time after all! Help your coworkers get the party started with a glass of good wine. This Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon will make any Pink Floyd fan happy. And if you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers who are obsessed with Vampire Diaries and all things Dracula, then a Vampire Chardonnay might be just what you have been looking for. Just make sure to find out if your coworkers prefer red, whine or rose wine and if they like sparkling fancy stuff. This way you are more likely to please them.

cuba_cologneFor men who love grooming

Not only the ladies have the right to wear moisturizers, indulge in lush body butters, enjoy bubble baths and scatter glitter all around them. Lads have the right to pamper themselves as well! They might not admit it, but they sure enjoy it. So find one of the best Christmas gifts for coworkers and do a favor for a coworker and buy them a good aftershave, a quality shaving brush or Cuba colognes, to make heads turn when they walk in the office.

For the gourmet types

We all have this one coworker who is an excellent cook, a wine connoisseur or a gourmet enthusiast. Such people really appreciate gifts that will satisfy their taste buds. Just make sure you know their dietary preferences, because as much as a meat eater will appreciate a great beef jerky collection, a vegan might even get offended. But don’t worry. You can always get a gift set of organically grown nuts and fruits for your herbivore friends.

An alternative desk lamp

Working hours can be full of stress. A meeting with the boss, a deadline, a last minute task before the weekend can lead stress levels to rise in seconds. Help your coworkers relax with an old-time classic: a lava lamp! Its soothing colors and moves are likely to keep your coworkers calm and your workspace a happy place.

As you can see, there are so many option out there that it is really a shame to stick to pens and staplers every year. Be creative, be imaginative and spread the Christmas joy with your gifts!

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