Easy Holiday Treats: Sweet Gifts for Coworkers

Christmas season is around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about easy holiday treats for coworkers. Forget fruitcake! Easy holiday treats for coworkers come in such a great variety, that it is a shame to stick to the old habits. If you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers that are still edible and sweet, but want to go for something different this year, then our list of choices is going to be a lifesaver. We just hope you are not on a diet!

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Usually fruit cakes are loaded with dried fruits and nuts plus tons of sugar, flour and eggs to make the cake. Easy holiday treats do not have to have unhealthy ingredient.  Why not offer healthy fruits and nuts as a gift in a nice basket? Plus, it is much easier to combine pistachio with scotch, than a piece of cake. Right? Right. What’s more, you can just choose the fruits that the coworker likes and have no waste (you know what we are talking about: everyone eats the almonds and the cranberries and the raisins are left alone in the bowl at the end of the night).




Hot Fudge

Oh, the deliciousness of a melting hot fudge sauce soaking a cake or gently melting that vanilla ice cream… Of course, hot fudge is awesome and everyone likes it, so you can’t go wrong with it, but if you are looking for a package with a great design, that will make for a great gift, then have a look at Coop’s. The jar cap was a deep chocolate color and looks like melting over the jar. It makes you drool just by looking at it. Oh, and it is all natural as well! No artificial preservatives or coloring.  Easy holiday treats should all begin with hot fudge.

Nut Brittle

Sure, nuts are great, but they are even better when they are trapped into layers of crunchy, buttery caramel! You can find tons of different combinations of brittle, making it an easy holiday treat to satisfy every taste. Almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews and peanuts are some of the most popular choices. You can find nut brittle mixes that combine different tastes and they are also a great to share at the office, if your coworker is feeling generous.

Hot Chocolate

A must for those winter Sunday mornings, when the family can spend some time together and exchange their weekly news over a hot cup. Bellagio has a great pack of gourmet tastes including holiday spice, white chocolate and peppermint truffle. This holiday package includes six easy to use, one portion packets. If you are a more retro type, then you will love the Moonstruck dark hot cocoa mix package. After all the delicious cocoa mix is gone, your coworker can use the beautifully decorated  can to store anything from pencils to clips and staples. This mix is also lactose free, making it suitable for colleagues with lactose intolerance or vegans. Easy holiday treats with a dietary concern — sweet!




Healthy Chocolate Choices

If you are looking for sweet gift ideas for coworkers who are into healthy eating, do not despair! There are delicious gourmet products out there that even the most hard core fitness fun would indulge into without any guilt. Rawtella is one such product. Raw, vegan and made from soaked and dehydrated hazelnuts, it tastes amazing and is as healthy as it gets. The hazelnuts are stone ground and raw coconut sugar is used to sweeten this delicious spread. Another great choice is the dark chocolate-covered goji berries and raspberries by Brookside. Chocolate antioxidants plus super foods. Win-win!




Of course, depending on your budget, you can go for all sorts of nicely composed snack baskets that include nuts, fruits, chocolates, beef jerky, fudge, toffee and all other kinds of deliciousness!  Easy holiday treats for coworkers have never been more plentiful.

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