11 Homemade Gifts for Coworkers

Before you read that title and start getting excited about clearing all those old latch-hook rugs or paint-by-number pictures out to give as gifts, you need to think long and hard about your actions. Homemade gifts  for coworkers do not mean all the failed craft projects that you can’t figure out what to do with, yet the pack rat in you just can’t seem to throw them away.

If your gift for coworkers is homemade, it needs to be something you would actually like to receive yourself. If you are still trying to rationalize giving that latch-hook with the turtle on it, and arguing with your subconscious that you would be thrilled to receive it, then you probably need more help than even I can offer.   Whether it”s homemade Christmas gifts or a ‘just-because’ gift, here are several ideas you make yourself. [Read more…]