10 Cool Desk Gadgets

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers, or if you are simply trying to make your office or cubicle space a little more inviting, below are 10 cool desk gadgets that are perfect. These are things that not only spruce up your desk; you can actually use them to make your job easier. Well, maybe not easier, but at least more entertaining!

  1. Magnetic Decision Maker – How many decisions do you have to make in a day? Chances are good that you could really care less one way or the other. Why stress over making the right decision? A dangling ball swings in a spiral, or like a pendulum, and provides a meditation focus that will help you make your decisions with less effort.
  1. Sandscape Moving Sand Picture with Multiple Levels – Although this gadget does not sharpen pencils, tell time or hold business cards, it does help to relieve a little stress. Who can’t use a little help in this department? [Read more…]