Black Friday Coworker Gifts

After Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales became an e-commerce tradition, many companies decided to restrict their employees’ access to online shopping websites, in an attempt to reduce non-work related surfing. Things are starting to change however, as last year and this one many companies have decided to let their staff shop on line during working hours, according to this article. Apparently, employers understand that with longer working hours, Christmas shopping is becoming almost impossible for their employees, especially for families where both partners work. Some companies allow access to all websites for unlimited time, while others block certain websites and will monitor their employees to check that they are using only a limited time of their workday for shopping. Sounds fair enough, right? So if you are planning to look for Black Friday coworker gifts on line, go ahead, just don’t over do it!  [Read more…]

Black Friday Deals for Coworker Gifts

Black Friday has become an American institution, and there is no better day, well, except perhaps for Cyber Monday, to find a great gift for a coworker.

What started as a day of post-holiday deep discounts has turned into a proverbial shopping orgy.  If you are braving it old school and visiting an actual brick and mortar store, use this list to find out when many of the big retailers are opening their doors post-turkey.

And if you are shopping for an inexpensive coworker gift, consider some of these options. [Read more…]