Unique Cup Holder Gift Ideas for Work Colleagues

We all love our morning cup of coffee, making cup gift ideas for work colleagues a great fit.  So is you are looking for gift ideas for work colleagues, why not get them something that will allow them to have their favorite cup close by at all times? There are many unique cup holder gift ideas out there. This list is just a selection of the ones that looked more practical and more fun to us. They also are reasonably priced, making them a great gift for the office Secret Santa party!

buy-nowThe laptop cushion

Coffee and laptop: these do don’t mix well, right? All of us have had scares -if not small tragedies- involving a cup of liquid that flipped right next (or onto) our precious laptop, filled with years of work and memories. This is why a laptop cushion desk with a built-in cup holder is such a great gift idea for work colleagues. This one even comes with a led light and built-in pencil and paper holder! Now you want one for yourself, don’t you? [Read more…]

Gift for Office Worker: 2013 Planners

There are a gazillion apps that help you maintain a digital calendar.  But many of the most productive people on the planet have a dirty little secret: nothing keeps you organized like old school pen and paper.  Help your favorite office worker stay on top of their schedule by buying them a cool 2013 planner.  It’s the perfect inexpensive gift for the Secret Santa…or just to say Happy New year!

Moleskine 2013 12-Month Weekly Planner
Based on a notebook design said to be used by creative geniuses such as Picasso, Hemingway and Matisse, Moleskine products are simple, functional and elegant.  This weekly planner is designed to be small enough to carry around in your pocket.  There are blank pages alongside the weekly calendars to help you keep track of just about anything. [Read more…]