Cool Coasters Make Perfect Holiday Coworker Gifts

If you are stumped and stressed, trying to come up with inexpensive gift ideas for coworkers that will actually be used and appreciated this year, coasters are absolutely perfect. Even if the gift receiver does not actually take them home to use, they will still likely enjoy them at their desk. There is nothing worse than the condensation from a can of soda or a water bottle getting all over the desk where important documents can also get wet. Cool coasters make perfect holiday coworker gifts without a lot of budgeting, even for that person you draw in a Secret Santa gift exchange who you know nothing about, or don’t necessarily like

  • Vintage Record Coasters – These are some of the coolest coasters that you are going to find! Six different coasters are created from real vinyl LP records and protected with a durable, clear Mylar seal. These American-made coasters feature labels from a wide variety of music genres.
  • Kikkerland Moire Coasters – Add a splash of color to the day with these coasters! The rotating patterns create an expanding and contracting illusion. Each one has a unique design.
  • The Beatles 13-Piece Coaster Set – A decorative tin storage box holds 13 coasters that any Beatles fan will go crazy over. They feature a nice non-slip cork back as well.
  • Kikkerland Burger Coasters – Do you have a coworker who simply can’t live without their daily burger? When stacked all together, this six-coaster medley creates a delicious looking burger. This unique set includes meat, cheese, tomato, lettuce and of course, two pieces of bun.
  • Spinning Hat Rubik’s Cube Coasters – Nearly everyone has wanted to pull their hair out over a Rubik’s Cube at some point in their life. These coasters will bring back a few memories, every time they look at them. You can always buy an actual Rubik’s Cube to accompany the coasters too!
  • Set of Four Absorbent Coasters – Live, Laugh, Love – Perfect for any female in the office, these super pretty coasters are inspirational, American-made, cork-backed and a little larger than most coasters you will find, so they do an exceptional job of catching all the drips from condensation.
  • Star Wars 10-Piece Wood Coaster Set – Nearly every workplace has at least one employee who eats, sleeps and breathes Star Wars. These coasters are perfect for them. All ten of these cork-back coasters feature a different design, and they are stored in a decorative tin box.
  • Italian Stone Coasters Wine Labels – These are ideal for the person in your office who says they are a wine drinker. Authentic travertine features a permanent design on top and cork backs.
  • CounterAct WWII Pin-Up Girls Design Round Absorbent Coasters – Both guys and gals can’t seem to get enough of vintage pinup girls these days. They seem to be popping up everywhere on everything from shower curtains to notepads to coasters. These natural stoneware coasters are housed in a wooden display holder, which makes them attractive to display.
  • Star Trek 4-Piece Wood Coaster Set – Is there a Trekkie in your office? No need to guess; if there is, you likely know about it! These coasters feature four different designs and a nonslip cork back that will excite and Star Trek enthusiast.

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