Christmas Gift for Boss Ideas

As if shopping for a gift for coworker is not challenging enough, trying to decide what to buy for a boss is usually enough to cause a panic attack. There is a fine line here between what is appropriate and what’s not, and what looks like you’re buying your next promotion and what makes you look like maybe you don’t deserve that raise after all. What do you get someone you likely know little about? What do you get someone who has forced you to take your aggression out on your punching bag a little too often? Although this can be a stressful purchase, you will find the following Christmas gift for boss ideas to be very helpful.

Desk Clock

You really can’t go wrong with a desk clock. Maybe then they will realize that it is really long after working hours when they are still piling work on your desk.

Picture Frame

Don’t get any crazy ideas that you are going to just go pick up a cheap frame either. Buy something a little out of the ordinary to show you actually put thought into the purchase.

Luxury Pens

A professional can never have too many pens, especially the good ones. Luxury pens will certainly get used, whether it’s to sign your paycheck or doodle all afternoon while they gaze at the view through that extra-large window you covet.

Desk Gadgets

You already know that your boss pretty much does nothing all day, because you are doing all the work, right? So, why not give them something to occupy their time?

Coffee and Tea

Unlike shopping for a gift for coworkers you know little about, there is a pretty good chance that you know very well whether your boss likes coffee, tea or both. If you are not sure, a gift basket with a medley would be ideal.

  • Starbucks and Tazo Eye Opener –Tazo teas include green, black and their coveted spicy ginger, alongside some of Starbucks most loved items. It even includes mugs, almond roca butter crunch toffee cookies and salted caramel hot chocolate. If you are lucky, maybe they will share!

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