Top 10 Desk Clocks for Your Cubicle

If you are going to sit there starring at the clock all day focusing your energy on the hands to see if you can speed them up, it may as well be one worth looking at. It is a shame that some people do so little to personalize their work space. Who cares if you don’t have four walls or a window? If you have a desk, you can at least have a clock! Below are 10 favorite picks, and keep in mind, these are super to give as gifts for coworkers too!

Bulova Tremont 8 ¼” Wide Table Clock – This is one of the top 10 desk clocks for your cubicle because of its handsome antique walnut finish and striking aluminum bezel. It is sophisticated and classic, and the Roman numerals really offer the finishing touch to make this a truly timeless piece.

Howard Miller 645-579 Regent Table Clock – If your cubicle is in a more modern office or if you simply prefer more contemporary pieces, this clock would be perfect for your desk. Roman numerals are placed on a white dial to complement the polished silver-tone bezel.

Seiko Desk and Table Alarm Clock Brown Alder Case – You can’t help but look at this clock and feel yourself transported to a childhood memory next to a roaring fire. This clock looks like it belongs on a mantle, and will bring the same dose of rustic charm to your cubicle.

Fifth Avenue Crystal Lisbon Mantle /Desk Clock – Who says an elegant clock has to cost a fortune? This one is a show-stopper, but might have your boss thinking you are getting paid too much. If you get a little natural light in your space, this one will glisten and energize the room.

Infinity Instruments – The Eiffel Tower Table Clock – You may find yourself daydreaming of a vacation, if you stare at this clock for too long. This miniature of the Eiffel Tower is made of metal and features numbers on every hour, perfect for those people who can’t quite figure out which number the hand is on.

Desktop World Time Clock With 3 Time Zones – If you have family or friends in different time zones, then this clock is for you. Now you won’t have to guess at what time it is there before you call them to complain about your boss yet again on your first break. The black glossy finish will complement a more modern space perfectly.

10.75-inch Victorian Table Clock with Flowers and Stem Handles – Many females will agree that there is nothing quite like items that represent the Victorian era. This gorgeous clock is literally bursting with detail.

Bulova Parkston Executive Collection Desk Clock – Just because you don’t have the corner office with the great view does not mean that you can’t dress your cubicle up like you do. Remember that old saying about dressing for the job you want, not the one you are necessarily interviewing for? Well, this applies to your work space too. This handsome clock features a mahogany finish, clock, thermometer and a brass engraving plate.

Maple’s Clock TCL06-833 Moving Gear Desktop Clock – If you want something a little different than what your coworkers have in their cubicles, this clock deserves a second glance. Although it looks like it is made of heavy metal, it is actually crafted from durable ABS plaster.

Howard Miller 645-424 Carols of Christmas II Table Clock – If you are buying a gift for coworkers, this clock may be a little pricy, unless the coworker is a good friend. However, if you are looking for a clock for your own cubicle that will really be a conversation starter for the entire holiday season, this one by Howard Miller may be exactly what you are all looking for.

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