Cheap Gift Ideas for Bosses Day

Sometimes work gets hectic, but that isn’t an excuse to not research cheap gift ideas for bosses day.  Deadlines are chasing you, your boss is being less than pleasant and the whole team seems to be sinking in depression and despair. It happens to every office every now and then. But things will get better and you can help out. By getting small gifts for coworkers that make people smile, you can brighten everyone’s day. Following are some creative gift ideas for coworkers that will make them happy and you won’t need to brake your piggy bank to get them — they also make great Boss’s Day gift ideas.

compassThe Symbolic Cufflinks

If things are getting out of hand and the environment in the office is heated, you can always help the team coordinator by reminding them that they can keep the team together and on track. Get them a pair of fire extinguisher cufflinks or these compass-shaped ones. They will certainly appreciate the gesture. Just make to offer your gift when they are in a good mood or when the crisis is over. You don’t want them to think that you are being ironic, do you?

The Decision Maker

In the same spirit, here’s other small gifts for coworkers for those days at the office that decision making is challenging.  Even bosses have trouble making decisions, which is why the decision maker is a great gift idea.  It is actually a paperweight with a rotating disk, that generates answers like “yes”, “today”, “maybe” and “no”. Those days when your coworker’s life is full of dilemmas, the decision maker will make their life much easier. Maybe not better, but definitely easier! It has a sleek design and would look good on any office.

flaskThe Smile Generator

Nothing generates more smiles than alcohol. Of course, we do not encourage drinking during office hours, but if your coworker has been swamped and working over-hours, he could use a little liquor support. Every list with cheap gift ideas for Bosses Day should include  a flask. You can get a personalized one, with their name etched on it, a classic leather one or this great retro Stanley flask.

Other small gifts for coworkers and Bosses Day…

The Greener Grass

The grass might be always greener on the other side, but now you can get for your colleague a patch of grass that stays bright green year-round. The grass is made out of soft molded rubber and it will allow them to store all sorts of small stuff that gets lost in between papers and folders: erasers, tapes, highlighters, scissors, post-it etc. Don’t be surprised if more an more green spots start showing up on your coworkers’ desks after a while.

The Business Card Holder

How can a business card holder bring a smile to people’s faces, you wonder. Well, it can if it is made out of lego bricks! Cheap gift ideas for Bosses Day can also be playful and fun! This set includes letters that allow your coworker to create her custom name tag and put it on display on their office. It comes with number tiles as well, so they can even add their office phone number on the name tag. And of course, it also functions as a business card holder.

The Zen Garden

Yes, it might sound a bi too new age, but a Zen garden can actually help your stressed out coworker relax and relieve their tension. Buddhist monks know better! You can find a great variety of miniature zen gardens on line. They come with some kind of sand and a few rocks or semiprecious stones, a small rake and of course, meditation instructions for the newbies. Even if they never actually get time to use it, it will still look cool on their desk!

When you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers, remember that everyone is different and what makes one smile, another might find it offensive. Therefore, stick to more neutral gifts, if you do not know your coworkers very well yet. And as you can see, neutral does not have to mean boring!

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