How to Choose a Gift for Manager

Shopping for a boss can be pretty exhausting. Seriously, this is one of those tasks that must be done online with a stiff drink in hand, because walking aimlessly around a mall is going to do nothing but stress you out even further. Shopping for a gift for coworkers is one thing, but a boss is an entirely different story. This person can essentially make your life miserable, if they don’t already. If you are reading and stuck for ideas, this should help you figure out how to choose a gift for manager.

Ask Around
Ideally, your gift will fall about in line with what other people are getting them. You really don’t want to outdo everyone unless you want a huge target on your back for a little more than paper airplanes. However, you don’t want your gift to be looked at as cheap or thoughtless either.

Keep in mind that a thoughtful gift is not always expensive. If everyone else is spending around $50, and that is way out of your budget, don’t feel as though you have to  compete. You can still find quite remarkable gifts around $25. Alternatively, if you are famed for your holiday fudge or chocolate chips cookies, there is nothing wrong with making a homemade gift and packaging it nicely.

Browse Their Office
First of all, “browse their office” does not mean go snoop around while they’re out to lunch, and hope you don’t get caught. This simply means that the next time you are in their office, make a mental note of everything you see. Do they have photos of their family scattered around? If so, a nice collage frame would be great. Is their desk a cluttered mess with pens and business cards all over? Choose a nice caddy and/or card holder.

Do they have any décor items? Perhaps you could find something that would complement their office. Do they drink tea or coffee? You can never go wrong with premium beans or fair trade teas. You can also find nice gift baskets with tea, coffee and gourmet goodies like biscotti, truffles and cookies.

Do They Have a Hobby?
This is an idea you can use if you are shopping for a gift for coworkers too. If you know that your boss golfs, you have it easy. There are a multitude of gifts you can buy. However, there are also a ton of other hobbies too! If you know that they go to yoga weekly, a quality moisture-wicking yoga towel would be ideal. Do they collect something? If so, buy them a collectable. Are they a runner? Buy an Amazon gift card that they can use in the MP3 music store or Audible store to download music or an audio book to listen to while they’re putting in the miles. Chances are good that if you just open your eyes and ears, you will find a gift idea looking you right in the face.

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