Bosses Day 2013 Gift Ideas

When you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers, you can often wait until the very last minute, and still come up with something great. Sure, you want to get your coworker something thoughtful, but it is not like they can keep you from your promotion or make your life too miserable, if you fail horribly. The rules all change when you are shopping for your boss. It can’t be too over-the-top, but your gift shouldn’t be shadowed by others either. If you are already thinking about Bosses Day 2013, gift ideas are likely on your mind. Fortunately, you are giving yourself plenty of time to properly prepare, so your gift won’t look like a rushed afterthought.

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  • Custom Bobblehead – If you want something that will make you stand out from the rest, a custom bobblehead is the way to go. They are a little pricey, but if you can split the price with another coworker, they become a lot more affordable. Unless of course, you are making a six-figure salary, then you can probably buy your own gift.
  • Bulova B7756-Willits Table Clock – There is something very sophisticated and timeless about this desk clock, yet it is surprisingly affordable for a limited time. This is a clock that regularly retails for $242, but you can get it at next to nothing, and your boss will never know you got such a deal.
  • Karlsson Wall Clock Time Zone Magnet Aluminum – If your boss does international business, or you know that they have family or friends overseas, this clock is perfect. Interchangeable magnets let you choose the time zone, and it displays four different ones.
  • Crossed Clubs Golfer Silver Cufflinks with Gift Box – If your boss does a lot of work on the golf course, these cufflinks are perfect. They are fun, yet sophisticated enough to go with high-dollar suits.
  • Grand Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket – Is your boss someone who can be sweetened up with chocolate? If so, then this gift basket is sure to be a huge success. There is delicious hot cocoa and a medley of chocolate bars, squares and truffles. Who says you can’t buy yourself a promotion?
  • Paper Weights – This is actually a great idea whether you are shopping for your boss or looking for gift ideas for coworkers. Paper weights come in all shapes, sizes and themes. You can buy them one of their favorite football team, or an elegant crystal butterfly one. You really can’t appreciate just how brilliant this category is until you start shopping for them.

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