Buy Your Coworker a Faux Window

What do you do when you pull someone’s name in the office gift exchange, and you know absolutely nothing about them? Are you supposed to suddenly spark up a conversation out-of-the-blue to pry for ideas? Obviously this would more than give the surprise away that you have their name, if you have never exchanged more than a simple hello. While you may not care to ruin the surprise, some people actually like them! If you are looking for a gift idea for coworkers that is just as perfect for your best friend in the office as it is for a perfect stranger, you may want to simply buy your coworker a faux window.

What Is It?
If you are reading the words faux window, and thinking that it must be code for something, it’s really not. Think about it; how many times a day do you sit in your cubicle wishing that you had a window to look out? It does not matter if it is snowing or raining out; it would just be nice to see something other than papers and electronics, right? Well, if you have these thoughts throughout the day, don’t you think your coworker dreams of a window view too? Now you can give them something to look at while they are daydreaming. A faux window that can mount virtually anywhere! Below are a few popular picks that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Wallies Wallpaper Mural
It is hard not to get excited over staring at a tropical scene, made up of a sandy beach, bright blue water and lush palm trees, contained in a bamboo frame. It even has a vinyl coating so it can easily be wiped clean.

Stupell Industries Window Scene
If you did not even know faux windows existed, you are going to be pretty blown away by the selection that Stupell Industries has to offer. Every window has a different scene and a different window; some with blinds, stained glass, curtains and more. Some of the more intriguing ones include:

  • Barn Mountain Scene
  • Caribbean
  • Daisies and Butterfly
  • Kite and Clay Pot
  • Provence with Faux Pear
  • Tropical Faux
  • Seascape with Petunias
  • Stained Glass
  • View of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
  • Wrought Iron and Cabbage Rose

Esschert Design Window with French Doors
This gorgeous distressed frame comes in your choice of white and blue. The shutters open like French doors to reveal a mirror inside. This is the perfect choice for any female who always seems to have a mirror in her hand, or at least looks as though she does.

Are you looking for a gift for coworkers that is cheap enough to buy in bulk, so you can hand them out to everyone in the office? This instant window blows up easily, and can be hung anywhere. Its remote tropical beach scene will liven up even the dreariest space.

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