10 Trivia Games That Make Great Coworker Holiday Gifts

It might make me sound lame, but nothing beats a fun game night with friends and family.  I’ll take Trivial Pursuit and a glass of wine over a crowded smokey bar any day of the week.

And I know I’m not alone.

Most people, even your finicky coworkers, love looking like the smartest chap in the room.  Whether you call it a Kris Kringle, Secret Santa, Holiday Grab Bag…whatever…consider these trivia games as great coworker holiday gifts.
Smart Ass. Offering hundreds of questions and the ability to yell out the answer at any given time, this fast-paced game is guaranteed to end in some ugly fights.

Trivial Pursuit Card Game.  At $5, the price is right! This trivia game requires nothing but this deck of cards and 15 spare minutes.  The perfect addition to any office break room or cubefarm.

Mental Floss Trivia Game. Fun and quirky, this is a great gift for the office smarty pants.  The interesting facts learning in this game make for great banter when gathered around the water cooler.  Just keep in mind, if your coworker was THAT smart, why is he working with YOU?

Name 5 Game. A fun party game that can be played by people at all intelligence levels.  From naming 5 Tom Hanks movies to naming 5 vegetables that begin with the letter ‘A,’ the name of this game says it all.

Wits And Wagers. Your coworkers can make educated guesses and have the intestinal fortitude to bet all of their chips on their answer. This trivia game with shades of gambling is perfect for the office risk-taker.

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition. The perfect holiday gift for the trivia traditionalist in your group. Over 3,000 questions will challenge even the most experienced Trivial Pursuit fan.

TableTopics Original. Looking to spark some interesting conversation at work?  This set of cards is a guaranteed silence buster and a great ice-breaker.  The topics are family-friendly yet interesting.

Logo Board Game.  From vintage icons to modern classics, this visual game asks players to challenge their pop-culture savvy. Does your office idiot savant have what it takes to be The Logo Master?

Jeopardy. Give the gift of answers.  Your coworkers can enjoy the excitement of Jeopardy! sans smarmy host. The ultimate quiz show is a guaranteed hit with recipients of all ages.

Foodie Fight. Have a coworker who loves to cook?  Challenge them with over 1,000 questions on culinary science, celeb chefs and food history. Yummy!

The perfect gift for a coworker could be a trivia game. Anything you’d like to add?

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