Ultimate Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

If you are looking for the ultimate Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers, search no more! Christmas is approaching and we are sure you are counting the days until the holidays. But before you spend time with your family, you get to attend the office Christmas party. We have composed a list of original and amusing -but still economical- gifts, that will impress and entertain your coworkers. There is something for every personality on this list and it will inspire you to keep your mind open, when looking for the perfect gift for coworkers.

flask_2The Amazing Shot Flask

Surely, flasks are not the most original Christmas gift. Still, they remain high on the list of preference because -let’s face it- many office parties need that extra liquor boost. Do your coworker a favor and, if you are going to give them a flask as a gift, make sure it’s filled with their favorite drink. If you are looking for a flask with a twist, you can go for a shot flask. The shot glass is collapsible and is incorporated into the flask design. Neat, right?

The Magazine Subscription

Christmas Eve is quite close with New Year’s Eve. And you know what your coworker would really enjoy to have this coming year? A yearly subscription to their favorite magazine! You can get such subscription online with a great discount and many magazines offer this option. If you don’t know your coworker very well and need Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers, then you can stick with a classic quality magazine, like National Geographic or Discover.

journalThe Alternative Journal

Yes, we do use our computers all the time in order to record our meetings, to-do lists and ideas, but most of us still love the feel of paper between our fingers and we miss its smell. If you are looking for an alternative gift for coworkers, then a beautiful journal might be just what you need. There are some amazing ones out there, made from recycled paper and with great cover designs. Choose a blank one, without dates or lines, that will allow your coworker to use it as a sketchbook, agenda and journal, all at once!

The Cooler-Than-Ice Cubes

You know how some people love to drink their whiskey chilled, but hate how the ice cubes water it down, when they melt? Well, if your coworker is one of these people, he is going to absolutely adore you, once he receives your gift. Sipping stones are made of natural soapstone and they keep drinks chilled, without diluting them. How cool is that?

The Paper Paperweight

Not literally, but those great designer paperweights of MoMA do look like paper. You can get the music score version, the lined paper one, or the blueprint one, depending on how much your coworker loves music and design. Keep in mind that these are a bit pricier than the rest of the gifts on this list, but definitely a great choice for Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers if you want to make a good impression.

The Fancy Folders

Everyone hates having to carry around folders filled with paperwork, but let’s face it, a nice folder can brighten your day. And since Christmas holidays are typically a time to prepare for a new start, why not offer to your coworker a fancy set of filling folders, to organize their work and life for the new year? Amazon has a series of folders featuring images from the Cavallini archives: anything from flowers to world maps and pictures of Paris.

When choosing thinking about Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers, make sure that you pick something within the price range agreed by your coworkers, otherwise you might give the wrong impression. And don’t worry: low budget gifts can still be great gifts!

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