Christmas Party Games

Let’s admit it, office Christmas parties can get quite boring, even if alcohol is pouring like rain. If you want this year’s party to be more lively and fun for everyone, why not add some Christmas party games in the mix? Following you will find some ideas that are meant to serve as inspiration. We hope that you will come up with many more fun activities to share with your coworkers.

Fun Photos

Get some photo props, like paper mustaches, glasses and red lips, and encourage everyone to pose with their best Christmas smile. Encourage everyone to print their photo -finally those office printers are useful!- and pin them on the wall. At the end of the night have a gift for coworkers who made the best efforts to look all Christmas-y. That could be a day off or a bottle of wine, for example.



Get a pinata that you can fill with anything you want and not a pre-filled one, as those are usually loaded with candy, that is not so exciting for most adults. We like this colorful donkey one. You can fill it with miniature plastic booze bottles, pens, post-it, business card cases and the like. Make sure there is enough space to hang the pinata and move around it and clean up afterward. You don’t want the cleaning ladies to hate you the day after!

Drinking game

You can invent many different drinking games, ranging from the ones based on song lyrics -for example you drink a shot every time the Beatles say “help” in the “Help!” song- to drinking a shot every time you hear your boss say that the next year will be better. Be warned though that drinking games at the office can lead to unexpected humiliation, so if you can’t hold your liquor or you don’t trust your stomach, skip them. If you are really determined to get wasted though, check out this drinking game roulette.



The hard thing about karaoke is to convince even the shy ones to take part during Christmas party games . That’s why it is a great idea to start using it after the drinking game. Just kidding! If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a big karaoke machine, a portable one will do the trick just fine.

Floating balloons

This is a game that can combine the Secret Santa gift for coworkers with lots of fun. Just put a number on each secret Santa package and then folded papers with the package numbers into balloons. Fill the balloons with helium (this kit looks useful) and let each coworker grab one. Use short cords for the balloons, so that people will have to jump up and down to grab one, making the whole game much more fun.


The Fortune Teller

Have one of the coworkers get dressed as a fortune teller for Christmas party games. Get them a deck of tarot cards and let them tell people their fortune. Ask for a $5 payment to give to charity. During Christmas time and New Year’s Eve people are always curious to know what the next year will bring, even though they are well aware that no one knows the future. The fortune teller is much more fun way to gather money for a good cause, instead of just having a money jar just standing there, don’t you think?


Who is who?

Use a blindfold to close a coworker’s eyes, spin them around and then let them guess who is who by touching people’s clothes and faces. A childhood favorite, this one never stops to be fun. Unlike karaoke, this one is best played before the drinking games, to avoid any inappropriate touching urges. People can get a tad over excited during the holidays!


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