Cooking at Your Desk? Food Gifts for Coworkers

Your company is going to hate this blog post. In fact, we’re pretty darn sure it will violate your company’s official policy.  But when you think about our busy lives and the constant struggle for work/life balance, cooking and preparing meals while at work makes a whole lot of sense.

If you can get past the smell of random foods wafting through the office, here are a few options to get your 9-to-5 cook on!

Food Dehydrator
Whether you want to be the Beef Jerky King or want to share dried fruits with your cubemates, a food dehydrator is the perfect “under-the-desk” cooking instrument.  Relatively quiet, self-contained, and easy to clean, you can start “cooking” when you first get in and close up the “kitchen” when you leave.  Many dehydrators have a carrying handle for convenience.  Create healthy fruit leather, upgrade your spice collection or crisp up nuts; food dehydrators offer an abundance of options.

Easy-Bake Oven
It’s amazing how many yummy treats the power of a light bulb can bring (these days, the Easy-Bake Oven uses a true heating element).  Utilize this toy’s small round pans to bake up cookies, brownies, fudge…even quesadillas!  This low-energy gadget can be a great way to get your workspace to smell like a bakery. Check out these great Easy-Bake Oven recipes.

Coffee Maker
The invention of “pod” coffeemakers that rely on a water reservoir mean that a convenient cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa is never far away.  Become the life of the office by showing off your desk-side barista skills and whipping up custom-ordered cappuccinos. Or cool everyone down with a fruit-infused iced tea.

Slow Cooker
The thought of smelling meat and potatoes for eight straight hours is enough to drive any office worker bonkers.  Consider allowing your slow cooker to work its magic in the company’s lunchroom.  Chili, gumbo, soup, and pulled pork are some of the easier (and more flavorful!) dishes to pull off.

Why stress over that wrinkled dollar bill when you and your coworkers can enjoy your fill of carbonated beverages. This gadget brings you the endless cup of soda!  And when it comes to work, a little sugar and caffeine can go a long way.

Cooking at work isn’t always practical.  But if you’re lucky enough to work for a progressive company with some laid back rules, it might be a great option.

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