Earth Day Gifts for Coworkers

Hopefully they’re making a big deal out of Earth Day at your office. It’s a great chance to spread awareness for a number of environmental issues plaguing modern society. Above all, though, it provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded eco-conscious office mates. Earth Day is April 22.

Picking out the perfect gifts for coworkers celebrating Earth Day allows you to do two things:

  1. Expose others to the environmental issues you’re passionate about
  2. Connect with others who share your passion for saving the Earth.

You might think that it would be difficult to pick out Earth Day gifts for coworkers who fall into one category or the other, but that’s just not the case. Below you’ll find a few ideas that make perfect gifts for coworkers, regardless of how concerned they are about the environment – because they help them save money and care for Mother Earth at the same time, meaning you’ll have the perfect “green approach” for everyone.

Belkin creates a series of products known as the Conserve Family, which help to reduce energy consumption. Any of these products make great gifts for coworkers hoping to save a few bucks or a few trees. They range from the Insight Energy Use Monitor, which helps to identify electrical devices that are consuming large amounts of energy (even when in standby mode) to outlet adapters that automatically shut off after a set period of time.

Old thermostats are contributing to high levels of energy consumption – meaning they also contribute to increased levels of pollution and high energy costs. Nest’s Learning Thermostat is designed to use modern technologies to learn the most efficient settings for your thermostat and make energy-efficient changes intelligently. You can also control it remotely using your smart phone. It’s been shown to decrease utility bills by about 25%, meaning mega savings for the coworker lucky enough to receive this gift, and a lot less pollution poking holes in our ozone.

If the gifts listed above are a bit more than you’d like to spend on a coworker, consider buying a few LED light bulbs. They last for up to 50,000 hours, draw less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, and don’t come with the same environmental risks as CFL’s. Switching an entire house over to LED bulbs can result in about $6,700 in annual energy savings – so you’ll be helping your coworkers and the Earth at the same time.

If you have coworkers that drink a lot of water, you might want to consider picking up a filtered water bottle, such as the “Water Bobble.” It costs about $10, but filters as much water as you’d get purchasing 300 bottles at the convenience store. That’s a lot less plastic in the landfill and a lot more change in your coworker’s pocket.

Finally, whether your coworker is a capitalist who could care less about saving the planet, or a true Lover of Gaia, you can rest assured that they’ll enjoy Earthopoly – an eco-friendly themed version of everyone’s favorite board game, Monopoly.

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