Small Lamps that Your Coworkers Will Love as Gifts

Shopping for a gift for coworkers or a gift for a boss can be ridiculously stressful. Should it really be this difficult to buy something? Fair enough, if you are looking for a present for someone you actually consider to be a friend, then you want to get them something special. However, what if you draw the name of someone in your office in the holiday gift exchange, and you barely know them? Even worse; what if you can’t stand them? Well, you have to still get them something nice, even if it pains you. But what? Whether you are shopping for someone you love or hate or anyone who falls in between, you will want to check out these small lamps that your coworkers will love as gifts. They are perfect for anyone.

WBM 8-Inch Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp
Not only is this an attractive lamp, it is made of salt crystal taken from the Himalayan Mountains. This special salt emits negative ions that purify the air. How thoughtful of you to make their work environment healthier.

Holmes Black Robot Desk Lamp
As the name implies, this is a lamp that looks like a robot. The body, head, arms and legs are all adjustable, and it even has clip-on hands that can hold notes and pens.

Fulcrum MultiFlex  LED Task Light
If you are buying for a holiday gift exchange with a maximum $10 limit, then this lamp is perfect. The flexible gooseneck lets you direct light where you need it and clips on to just about anything.

Enhance FlexBEAM 7 LED USB Clip-On
Here is another cheap lamp that is sure to get a lot of use, especially if you have cubicles with limited electrical outlets. This small but surprisingly bright light just plugs into a USB port in the computer, and clips on the side of the desk or a shelf.

Fulcrum 12-LED Lanterna Touch
For a more sophisticated gift, this lamp is a definite winner. It would really be perfect for your boss as well! Its contemporary design will complement any space, and its simple touch power on and off feature will be appreciated by anyone. The opaque acrylic shield ensures that it offers glare-free light that is easy on the eyes.

LumiSource Element Touch Table Lamp
If you don’t mind spending a little more, this lamp that has a stunning sleek chrome finish is gorgeous. Its modern design will be appreciated by anyone with more trendy taste, yet since the base is only 3 inches wide, it will fit politely on even the busiest desk.

Remake It! Bottle Lamp
You can mix and match empty beverage bottles to personalize this lamp. This is perfect for the avid recycler in the office or the person who drinks soda all day. It fits most 12oz glass bottles, including beer bottles! So, if you know what their favorite drinks are, you can make the lamp for them. If not, they can have fun making it on their own.

iHome iPad/iPod/iPhone Speaker with LED Table Lamp
if you are looking for gift for coworkers, and you know that they have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, this lamp is sure to be appreciated. It has a touch sensitive dimmer switch, and comes in four fantastic colors.

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