8 Holiday Gifts That Benefit the Entire Department

Unless you really love shopping, or if you are just the most ambitious person in the whole world, you do not need to buy something for every single person in your workplace, even if you are the boss! Rather than struggle to come up with that many different gift ideas for coworkers or buy the same thing for everyone, knowing that half will not appreciate it, consider buying community gifts that benefit the entire department instead. This is a gift that everyone will be able to appreciate. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine – Nothing will be more effective at getting everyone more motivated in the morning than an espresso machine! Of course, if you are going to buy one of these appliances, you need to make sure that it is one that is easy to use, which this one is. It has a single and double shot filter basket, and its high-voltage burner heats up fast, so people are not standing around waiting for it, when they should be working.
  • Bunn Coffee Bunn Fresh Mix Dispenser – Making cappuccino takes an artistic talent. This is something you already know, if you have ever waited 15 minutes in your local café for just the right amount of foam with the correct density to be achieved.  They swirl and tap, swirl some more, expect, swirl, tap, etc. If you were planning on spending a good amount of money on everyone anyway, put it toward this industrial cappuccino maker.
  • Triple Vend Candy and Gumball Vending Machine – Nearly everyone in the office will appreciate a candy machine that they can visit when they want. Be sure to have a nice rotating variety of treats, so people who do not really care for gum or sugar can enjoy it too. For example, peanuts, almond slivers and sunflower seeds are great healthy options that can be included in one of the slots.
  • 18 Column Snack Vending Machine – There are a lot of different styles of vending machines available, all which have their own unique features. This is a great one because with 18 slots, you can offer a nice variety of snacks, and it’s more affordable than what most expect.
  • Waterfall Slate 40” High Floor Fountain – A fountain may seem like a peculiar gift, but it is really pretty brilliant. These beneficial pieces of art create a calming environment while also acting as a noise barrier. Not to mention they add a constant flow of moisture to the air to help combat dry skin, dull hair and the common cold. If that’s not enough, moving water creates negative ions that clean the air in the room while also producing positive energy, according to feng shui practitioners.
  • Electric Fireplace  with Mantel and Multicolor Stone Façade – Is your work space in a building that has controlled heating? If so, then everyone is likely always complaining that they are cold all winter. An energy-efficient fireplace like this one will warm the space up nicely while only costing pennies per hour to operate.
  • Spt 5-liter Stainless with Multi-Temp Feature – Are people in your workspace more into tea than coffee? If you are a tea drinker yourself then you already know how nice it would be to have constant access to hot water. This 5-liter unit is perfect. It is BPA-free and will be a welcome gift to anyone who prefers tea or hot cocoa over coffee.
  • Coffee and Tea – Whether you are buying a coffeemaker or hot water container, or if you already have these things, you can certainly stock up on a nice supply of gourmet coffee and fair trade tea. These are great gift ideas for coworkers that anyone is sure to appreciate!

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