Productivity Gifts for Office Workers

It does not matter if the person you are buying for is a serious nerd and lives for anything techy, or if you truly believe that they need a little motivation to be more productive, productivity gifts for office workers are perfect for nearly anyone on your list. Some of these can be given to someone you know little about while others will require you to have at least some idea of what type of gadgets they may already have or would be interested in.

iPad Stand

If you are looking for a gift for coworkers, and you know that they have an iPad or some other type of tablet, a stand would be ideal. These range from well under $10 to over $100, so no matter what you are looking to spend, you will find one in your budget. A few popular picks include:

Touchscreen Gloves

Not only will these gloves protect their devices from oils from their skin and provide accuracy, there are some that are super warm. This lets them use their device without removing their gloves in the winter.


Most people carry anywhere from one to four devices on them, which means that the need for a charger is pretty high. You may not even realize just how many cool chargers there are available until you start looking for them.

Flash Drive

Flash drives are available in just about every price range and style for every type of memory. This is something that the techy in your life can never have too many of.

  • Kingston Digital 16 GB Hi-Speed Datatraveler Flash Drive
  • Transformer 4 GB USB Drive
  • HDE 4 GB Robot Flash Drive
  • EMTEC M322 Animal Series Flash Drive Monkey
  • Sanrio Hello Kitty 4 GB USB Flash Drive (Pink)

Mouse Pad

If you are looking for a gift for coworkers that will liven up their office or cubicle a little, get them a new mouse pad. You could get a nice ergonomic one or opt for something in the novelty category, such as:

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