Black Friday Coworker Gifts

After Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales became an e-commerce tradition, many companies decided to restrict their employees’ access to online shopping websites, in an attempt to reduce non-work related surfing. Things are starting to change however, as last year and this one many companies have decided to let their staff shop on line during working hours, according to this article. Apparently, employers understand that with longer working hours, Christmas shopping is becoming almost impossible for their employees, especially for families where both partners work. Some companies allow access to all websites for unlimited time, while others block certain websites and will monitor their employees to check that they are using only a limited time of their workday for shopping. Sounds fair enough, right? So if you are planning to look for Black Friday coworker gifts on line, go ahead, just don’t over do it! 

Following we will give you some great gift ideas for coworkers that will make perfect Christmas gifts or gifts for any other occasion. On Black Friday it is usually electronics and gadgets that get the highest discounts, so we focused more on such items on this list. Remember to always check the return and refund policies, when shopping online during holiday season.

Portable Speakers for Smartphones

People love to save their favorite music tracks on their iPhones, but what happens when you want to share your music with others? This is what portable speakers are for! Easy to carry and install anywhere, they turn any smartphone into a mini DJ deck. Instant party wherever you are! Checkout this Logitech model or this Naztech one, if you have a smaller budget.


Many people nowadays suffer in office spaces from the dry air, due to air conditioning. Your coworker will thank you forever if you get them a portable humidifier. This Ecomgear one not only humidifies, but also purifies and defuses aroma into the air. It is very quiet and you can connect it with your computer via a USB port.



Sports Watch

If you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers who are into fitness, then a sports watch is a great choice. You can usually find amazing deals on Black Friday even for the most pricey models. Make sure that you get a watch that is waterproof and durable and has a timer, stopwatch and memory to save workouts. This Timex model is a good choice for a medium budget.


In order to capture the office Secret Santa party, you are going to need a camera. Get a coworker one as a gift. On Black Friday you will find great discounts for even the most famous brands. Make sure to charge the camera before you offer it to your coworker, so that they will be able to start shooting immediately! Check out this black Canon and this fire-red Kodak, to get an idea.




For the bibliophile commuter, there is nothing better than a Kindle. They will be able to load thousands of books and read without any glare. Few things make being packed in a full train or bus somehow pleasant and reading is one of them. Check out this Kindle and make sure to keep your eyes open for further sales!

Remember, when you do your online shopping from work, it is highly likely that your internet use is being monitored. Therefore avoid any websites that look harmful or suspicious to you in any way. It is better to make a list of ideas before hand -much like the one we just made for you- than spend more time randomly browsing websites and looking for gift inspirations. Your employer will not be too happy about it!

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