Desk Mirrors Make Great Coworker Gifts

Lettuce stuck between your teeth? Crooked necktie?  Hair out of place?  These appearance faux pas can be detrimental to a career!  The solution?  A small mirror!  This essential desk item makes a great gift for your coworkers.

Below are a list of small mirrors, all of which would make a helpful addition you your work friend’s desk.  The nice thing about a mirror as a gift is that they are inexpensive, practical, and relatively gender neutral.

Featherweight Mirror: Unbreakable acrylic

Mini Hand Mirror: Available in green, blue or pink

Magnetic Glass Mirror: 5 X 7 inches; adheres to a metal surface

Travel Mate Mirror: 5 inches; slim design

Table Top Mirror: 10X magnification, 11-inches high, swivel

Star Peel & Stick Mirrors: Applies to any smooth surface; removes with no sticky residue

Vanity Mirror: Hangs off the side of your cubicle wall

Save your coworker from a shameful moment and hook them up with a cheap holiday gift that lets them look at themselves all year long.

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