Cool Pen Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Despite the tablet-heavy digital age we are all living in, old-school note taking, via pen and paper, is still alive and kicking.  Next time you are searching for a cheap gift for a coworker, hook them up with a writing utensil that will help them flex their office authority. here are some of my favorite cool pens.

Syringe Ballpoint Pen
The doctor is in!  Even if you’re a lowly cube dweller! Inject some style into your coworker’s life and hook them up with a unique syringe ballpoint pen. The design is realistic and the ink sits in the pen chamber.

SMENS: Scented Pens
This set of 10 scented pens will be sure to spice up the office. Made from 100% recycled newspaper, your green work friends will appreciate your “eco” effort. Scents are guaranteed to last two years and include red licorice, creamsicle, caramel corn and more. Yummy!

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen
We doubt your coworker will be signing the next Declaration of Independence, but inking your John Hancock with a fountain pen, will make any desk jockey feel like they are special.

Looking for something less permanent? Go with this disposable (and inexpensive) fountain pen set.

Pen Camera with Video and Voice Recording
The hidden camera might be a bit creepy, put this pen camera with an audio recording feature is neat to take notes (or bootleg your favorite band!).  A “one-touch” record button is convenient and a Lithium-ion Battery will give you two hours of juice.  Data is saved on 1 built-in 4G Flash memory and is transferred via USB.

International Arrivals Cool Jewel Pencils, 12-Count
Let your coworker bedazzle their desk with this set of 10 black pencils, each featuring a colored rhinestone on the top. Bling!

Honorable mention:
Ruler Pen
Lipstick Pen
Candy Cane Pens

Give your coworker a pen that they will love so much…they’ll be bummed when another coworker walks off with it!

Oh, and my personal FAVE…the classic and timeless 4-color BIC.


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