8 Fancy Tissue Box Holders

Ahhhh-choo! For those of us that work in an office, we have become accustomed to a dust-filled world that survives on recycled air.  Add in those annoying coworkers who decide to come in when they are sick, and you’ll understand why tissues are a must-have item on any desk.  But why settle for a boring tissue box when you can spice up an office with a fancy tissue box holder?  Here are several of our favorites that make great inexpensive gifts for coworkers during the holidays.

simplehuman Square Tissue Box Holder
Add a little “swank” to any desk with this fancy schmancy chrome tissue box holder. Made from durable die-cast zinc, the scratch-resistant finish ensures that coworkers will let you ‘shine on’ after they bum a tissue.  An innovative bottom clamp locks the tissue box in place.

MollaSpace Tissue Paper Holder
The winner of a Good Design Award in Japan, this rounded tissue holder adds a little practical art to a dull working space.  Available in several vibrant colors, your coworkers tissues can withstand the varying temperature of any office.  Item comes in individual gift box packaging.

Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover
Be reminded of home, even when you’re at work.  Designed to look like a house, the tissues dispense through the chimney, creating the illusion of a puff of smoke.  Created from molded polypropylene, adda little slice of “home” to a coworkers desk.  Available in several colors, including purple.

Polder Tissue Pod
This contemporary design is great for a desk or home office. A non-skid base keeps the holder from sliding when dispensing tissues, and unique side tissue dispensing frees up the top surface to use as storage for reading glasses, loose change, a cell phone, and more. The open bottom allows for easy refilling.

InterDesign Formbu Boutique Box
A great inexpensive coworker gift for that “green” employee, this tissue box holder is created from natural bamboo. The exotic styling adds a level of warmth and sophistication to any desk.

Olde-Worlde European Design Tissue Box Cover
This decorative tissue box holder boasts an antique look that will have coworkers asking where you got it.   The European design boasts great detail; the box is durable and sturdy.

Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover 
Equal parts fun gift and conversation starter, meet Rudy, the original retro décor Tikihead tissue box holder.  Add flair to a coworkers cubicle with this funky present.

Sea Grass Woven Tissue Box Cover Holder
What happens when you take a flowering plant and weave it into a box?  You get a cool tissue box cover that emits a gentle scent! Protect your rectangular tissue box with this unique item.

We love gifts that are practical and pretty!  Consider buying a coworker a fancy tissue box as a useful and inexpensive gift.

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