12 Cool Paper Weights as a Coworker Gift

I don’t care how digital your office is, the fact is, there is still paper everywhere. Try to get some of those dead tree remnants under control by investing in a paper weight.  Functional yet beautiful, these practical devices allow workers to display their individuality by placing a piece of “art” right on their desk.  Paper weights make a great coworker gift!

Screwball Paperweight

This hunk of metal will not only keep your papers from blowing away, but it will get the conversation started as well.  Handmade in the U.S.A.

Paper Clip Magnet Stand

Created from a plastic/cement mix, this paper wight will keep your papers in place…and hold your paper clips!

Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Leave nothing to chance! If you’re indecisive on an important work issue, help is only inches away.

Tortoise Brass Magnifying Glass

It’s a magnifying turtle…need we say more?

Rainbow Color Diamond Shaped Stone Paper Weight

Shaped like a diamond, this vibrant paperweight can liven up the most drab office. Comes in a gift bag.

Evolution by Waterford Cosmic Waters Paperweight

A meditative work of art, this creatively designed paperweight sets a calming mood in a contemporary home or office setting.

Murano Hand Blown Glass Bubble Wave Art Paperweight

This lovely paperweight was handcrafted by skilled artisans who worked night and day to refine his skill. Each piece starts with a designated shape carefully formed by the artist.

Swing Design Paperweight Brushed Metal Swirl

This sterling silver finished paperweight features the quote: “Go confidently into the direction of your dreams! Live the life you always imagined” – Thoreau

MoMA Crumpled Music Paperweight

A lovely gift that will delight any musician.  Created out of vinyl paper wrapped around a steel weight, tThis 12 ounce paperweight is singing to be purchased.

Pineapple Grenade Paperweight

This replicated grenade makes for a perfect paperweight for the home or office. Fear not! It has been permanently disengaged.

Glass Jellyfish Tall Blue Paperweight Ocean


Natico Paperweight, Gold Star

Give a coworker a gold star for shining on that last project.

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