SodaStream Is the Perfect Gift for the Entire Office

If you have been looking for a gift for the entire office that will be original and at the same time functional, then you can stop looking. Sodastream is the perfect gift for coworkers! This great device transforms regular tap water to carbonated water or even soda in just a few seconds. You can even buy a set for yourself and have it on your desk, to prepare as much soda as you want, to get you through the day. Now, you might wonder why we are so enthusiastic about it. Well, the reason is that we tried it and it really is something else. Let’s have a look at it’s advantages and disadvantages and then you can decide for yourself if it really seems to be that awesome to you or not.


With Sodastream you just never run out of soda in the middle of the night. As long as you have water running from your tap, you can have carbonated water and with added syrups or juices, any flavor of soda you like. Additionally, you won’t have all those cans and plastic bottles stacked on your kitchen counter, until you have enough to return to the store. Sodastream comes with its own reusable BPA-free bottle, that closes tightly, to prevent loss of carbonation. It’s a great gift for the entire office.


Unless you have been living in a cave the last years, you know how bad plastic bottles are for the environment. Yes, both plastic and aluminum can be recycled now, but it takes time and energy to do so and there is always significant waste. By using Sodastream you only have to use the bottle that comes with the device and it will last forever.



You know that store-bought soda is bad for you, right? Loaded with aspartame and high fructose corn syrup, it is basically type two diabetes in a bottle. This is why Sodastream is the perfect gift for the entire office — to help with health or weight issues. Sodastream syrups come in normal and diet versions and do not have those evil ingredients in them! And of course, if there is a fancy soda making machine on the office kitchen counter, everyone is much more likely to use it frequently and stay hydrated, just for the fun of it.


This is a big one. Sodastream has so many flavors that you can try something new every day for two months and new flavors keep being produced. Ginger ale, root beer, tonic, cola, orange-mango, cranberry-raspberry, lemonade, wild strawberry, energy drinks in different tastes, unsweetened flavors to make flavored waters are just some of the options.  A flavor for all employees, making it a great gift for the entire office.


Every design lover will love Sodastream on their kitchen bench. First of all, it has a compact design that takes up very little space. Then, it is made out of durable synthetic materials that are very hard to damage, even if the machine is carelessly used by children. It comes in white, black and red and you can even get extra bottles in blue, orange, yellow, green and red.

The Cons

Well, there aren’t actually any real cons to talk about here, apart from the fact that you do have to take the carbon cartridges to a store to be refilled, and not all stores that accept empty cartridges are able to give you new ones, depending on where you live. Still, you can also collect them for a while and send them back to Sodastream directly. Even with that in mind, Sodastream still requires far less trips to the store compared to buying store-bought, unhealthy soda.

So go ahead and get Sodastream as a gift for the entire office. With a few extra bottles, you will also have soda 24/7 and it will be much appreciated!

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