Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers During Any Season

There are many occasions throughout the year, that will require from you to shop for a gift for coworkers. Birthdays, Christmas, a promotion, a coworker moving to another department or a colleague coming back after parental leave are just a few instances when you are expected to offer up a little something. Looking for inexpensive gifts for coworkers during any season does not have to be a chore. There are tons of cheap yet fun and practical gifts that will brighten your colleague’s day. Depending on your coworker’s personality, you can stick to more serious gifts or pick a hilarious present. No matter what you choose from our list, they are going to love it and your pocket will love it too!

mugsThe Living Coffee Mug

Not literally, of course! But this coffee mug does “wake” up as you pour hot coffee into it. It is black and features a sleeping face when cold, but as your morning coffee or tea fills it up, it turns white, smiles and opens its eyes. Everyone needs a mug to fill (and refill) in order to make it through a day at the office. This mug will make even your grumpy coworker smile.

The Calendar

We are not talking about those kitsch calendars that feature kittens dressed as babies or half-naked models. Those can be fun as well, but are not necessarily office-appropriate. You can get your colleague this sleek magnetic calender, that doubles as a bulletin board as well. Or, if they are the creative type, you can get them a calender made out of lego bricks, that they can build themselves and adapt it according to their needs and deadlines.

post_itsThe Prioritizing Sticky Notes

We all have those days that our desk is overflowing with piles of papers and we don’t even know what we are supposed to do with it. And usually, these are the same days when the phone keeps ringing, people keep leaving message for us to do tons of things and our inbox folder is overflowing. Well, guess what, you don’t have to do everything now! Neither does your coworker. Offer them the honest acronym sticky notes and make their life better. They will soon realize that the “asap” pile is the only one that is urgent and they can leave the “btw” and “wtf” piles for later. Or never.

The Bomb Paperweight

Some days the office looks like a battlefield. So if you are looking for a gift for coworkers, why not get them some proper battle gadgets? This paperweight, shaped like a baseball grenade, looks cool on every desk. Just make your coworker promise that they won’t throw it on anyone’s head. Even though not real, it can still be deadly.

The Fun USB Hub

Nowadays we have to plug more and more things into our PCs and lap-tops. Webcams, USB sticks with files, printer devices, hard discs are just a few of the gadgets that require a hub. This is why your coworkers will appreciate a USB hub as a gift, especially if it is an entertaining one. Check out this eggplant one, guaranteed to make any vegetarian happy. Or this thunderbolt one, perfect for David Bowie fans.

The Cable Organizer

At your office you might love each other, but you surely don’t love your cables getting tangled all the time. This is why your coworker will appreciate some sort of cable organizing gadget. You can go for these little mice for animal lovers or go for a more abstract approach, with these flexible tubes in funky colors.

All the gifts on this list cost less than $15. The fact that they are affordable does not make them any less awesome though! So go ahead and do your shopping, in order to be prepared, when the occasion arises.

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