Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers

Saying goodbye to a coworker who is also a friend is never easy.  Work can be a dark place, and losing someone you trust, someone you can joke around with, can really make the day drag.

But we still need to say goodbye.

Here are some gift ideas for a coworker who is moving on to greener pastures.

When someone leaves a job, you will likely see them a lot less often. Because of this, I am a fan of giving gifts that have “legs,” things that will remind the person of you even months down the road.

Business-related magazines such as Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Inc. all make great gifts.  Of course you’ll need the coworkers home address. But an annual subscription is a thoughtful gift that is useful in the working world — and it’s something that will remind them of you a year down the road.

For a more personalized coworker gift, consider getting them a book that directly relates to their new company, position or industry.  You can also go with an Amazon gift card.

If the employee has been with the company for some time, it is likely you will have a photo or two of them “in action” on the job.  Consider buying a photo frame and giving them a copy of the photo for them to remember the job by. Even a seemingly mundane picture can make a nice keepsake.  You should also consider getting a personalized caricature of the person. This is guaranteed to be a great crowd-pleased when it is presented at their goodbye party.

Classy. Funky. Silly. Whatever the person’s taste, there is a suitable timepiece for every coworker. Grab one of these cool watches and send your work friend off to a new job in style.

Goodbye gifts require a little extra thought and planning. Share your goodbye gift ideas in the comments section below.

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