10 Cool Desk Gadgets

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers, or if you are simply trying to make your office or cubicle space a little more inviting, below are 10 cool desk gadgets that are perfect. These are things that not only spruce up your desk; you can actually use them to make your job easier. Well, maybe not easier, but at least more entertaining!

  1. Magnetic Decision Maker – How many decisions do you have to make in a day? Chances are good that you could really care less one way or the other. Why stress over making the right decision? A dangling ball swings in a spiral, or like a pendulum, and provides a meditation focus that will help you make your decisions with less effort.
  1. Sandscape Moving Sand Picture with Multiple Levels – Although this gadget does not sharpen pencils, tell time or hold business cards, it does help to relieve a little stress. Who can’t use a little help in this department?
  1. Desktop Warfare Kits (Catapult) – When you and a coworker are brainstorming for ideas, this catapult will give you something to occupy your mind the other 99 percent of the time. Made of solid wood, this catapult will hurl a ball 15 feet. Line a trash can up for the target and let the competition begin.
  1. Miniature File Cabinet for Business Cards – Why display your business cards in the same holder everyone else has? This little filing cabinet holds 800 cards, and even has a built-in digital clock in the top drawer.
  1. Tech Tools Desktop Madness Series Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back – Who would have ever thought a simple fist, could make such an impact on a desk, but this one does. Now you won’t have to dig under a pile of paperwork for your pens and paperclips, you will have a helping hand. So, the helping hand comment is a little lame, but you know you thought it too!
  1. Butt Station Tape Dispenser, Pen and Memo Holder – Say goodbye to your bouncing cubicle and hello to a fun space. Everyone will want to come borrow tape from the magnetic figure on the toilet.
  1. Stress Buster – Since it is not appropriate to punch anyone in the face at work, you can bite your tongue and take out a little aggression on the Stress Buster. This durable punching bag bounces back in place on a heavy duty spring, and it is durable enough to take a lot of venting. The pump is even included.
  1. New Entertainment Desktop Bowling – Here is another one of those gadgets that will help inspire creativity when you are supposed to be brainstorming. Yes, there was a hint of sarcasm there. Be warned, this gadget is dangerous, many have a hard time getting anything done. It includes 10 pins, 2 stainless steel balls and a magnetic pin-reset. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a good bowler to dig this game.
  1. New Entertainment Desktop Dart – If bowling isn’t your thing, maybe darts will be more up your alley. It features safe magnetic darts, and the board even collapses in case you need to hide it in a hurry.
  1. New Club Fun Tabletop Executive Pool Table – If you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers, you really cannot go wrong with this gadget. Who doesn’t love a game of pool? It comes with numbered pool balls, felt brush, rack, two wooden cue sticks and a pretty cool ball return.

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