Cool Frames That Make Great Coworker Gifts

The holiday season is nearly here and you know what that means don’t you? The dreaded gift exchange! Now, if you work somewhere that everyone is friends, you pretty much have it made. However, if you work in a big office where you barely know the name of the person in the cubicle next to you, then you probably struggle every year trying to come up with good gift ideas for coworkers. Alternatively, if you work in one of those places where you have to buy a generic gift appropriate for anyone, then you have an even bigger challenge. Well, you can stop stressing this year and even shop ahead of time, because below are cool frames that make great coworker gifts for anyone.

Aero 9-opening Collage Picture Frame – This unique frame will allow them to create a photo collage made up of nine of their favorite pictures. It boasts a sleek black finish that is appropriate for males and females.

Malden Violette Jewels Diecast Fashion Metal Frame – If you know for sure that you are shopping for a female, this feminine frame should invoke a smile. A vine of metal flowers creates the perimeter of this frame.

Burns of Boston Ava Picture Frame – It is not every day that you see a frame with this type of finish. Turquoise jewels accent the venetian copper for an unusual, but intriguing look.

Lawrence Frames Carved Antique Silver and Gold Frame – This is one that is sure to be a success in a more mature office or with someone who appreciates vintage or Victorian-looking items. The wide silver frame is complemented by a gold profile and although it looks expensive, it will barely put a dent in your wallet.

The Original Magnet Frame-Clear – Available in five different sizes, this is a magnetic frame that makes a picture look like its suspended in air. This is an ideal one that they can use for their desk.

Umbra Fotofalls Metal Desktop Photo Holder – It’s creative and exciting, and will breathe new life into any work space. This photo holder is made of stainless steel and will hold 18 photos, notes, postcards or pieces of artwork, with its non-damaging photo clips.

Lawrence Frames Black Wood Multi Double Vertical Picture Frame – If you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers that are appropriate for anyone, this is the perfect frame. It displays two 5” x 7” pictures vertically. Not only is it unusual, it takes up minimal desk space, which anyone can appreciate!

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