Secret Santa: Things to Dip In Chocolate

If you are trying to come up with gift ideas for coworkers, and you are getting yourself all stressed out, then perhaps you need to indulge in a little chocolate for inspiration. After all, everyone likes chocolate, right? Well, could chocolate be the answer? Could the perfect gift be something as simple as an ingredient that can tempt anyone’s taste buds? Well, before you get any ideas about just buying a bag of chocolates, you should know that if you are participating in a Secret Santa, things to dip in chocolate are much more original and appreciated. [Read more…]

The Best Book Gift Ideas for Coworkers: Secret Santa Exchange 2012

Oh joy!  It’s almost time for the holidays at work. For many of us, that means a potluck lunch and the (dreaded) office secret Santa.  With your luck, you’ll end up picking the name of the new guy that you know nothing about.  Here is a list of great business and career books that are popular on Amazon and should be safe picks for the holiday gift exchange.

StrengthsFinder 2.0
Help your coworker tap into their natural talents. StrengthsFinder 2.0 is designed to help workers tap into their strengths rather than dwell on fixing their
shortcomings.  I particularly enjoyed the “50 Ideas for Action.”

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
It’s such an obvious pick that it’s almost embarassing to include it on the list.  But with 1,000 days on the Amazon Top 100, and over 15 million copies sold,  it’s guaranteed to be a safe pick for the office secret Santa. [Read more…]

Unique Desk Banks That Get the Conversation Started

With the increased cost of living and rising gas prices, nearly everyone is being more conscious of their spending these days. Even if you are not willing to skip your expensive morning latte, simply saving the coin change from them adds up. It might even pay for the overpriced drinks once a week. Everyone deals with cash and everyone receives change from purchases, so if you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers, why not check out unique desk banks that get the conversation started? You can even toss a few quarters in there for a little boost! [Read more…]

Cool Frames That Make Great Coworker Gifts

The holiday season is nearly here and you know what that means don’t you? The dreaded gift exchange! Now, if you work somewhere that everyone is friends, you pretty much have it made. However, if you work in a big office where you barely know the name of the person in the cubicle next to you, then you probably struggle every year trying to come up with good gift ideas for coworkers. Alternatively, if you work in one of those places where you have to buy a generic gift appropriate for anyone, then you have an even bigger challenge. Well, you can stop stressing this year and even shop ahead of time, because below are cool frames that make great coworker gifts for anyone. [Read more…]