Good Friday – Gifts to Help Coworkers End Lent

If you’re looking for a gift for coworkers ending Lent, you’ll need to understand what they’ve gone through during the last several weeks. If you’re Catholic, you’ll clearly understand what it means to go through the entire process – as well as the amount of celebration that comes on Good Friday. If not, you’ll really need to put yourself in their shoes.

Christians, and Catholics in particular, practice lent by giving something up for 40 weekdays. This can be just about anything – be it a certain type of food, video games, and even sex. The entire practice is designed to help enforce the spiritual acts of self-discipline taught in the holy gospel. By successfully completing the practice, followers of the Christian faith are imitating Jesus Christ’s 40 days of fasting before starting his ministry.

Even though the practice is designed to help reinforce the lessons taught in the bible, it’s tough. Even the most devout Christians can struggle to get through Lent each year. When you decide to buy a gift for coworkers on Good Friday, you’ll need to tread carefully – you wouldn’t want your gift to offend their sensibilities. Since it’s a religious practice, that can be all too easy to do.

Traditional Gifts for Coworkers Ending Lent

The two most common gifts for coworkers who have successfully fasted (or abstained) during lent are flowers and cakes. Bouquets are often given as a way to help those who have fasted celebrate their achievement. They’re a great way to congratulate your coworkers for demonstrating such a high level of self-discipline. They tend to be preferred by those who don’t want to jeopardize the integrity of the religious devotion shown through the practice of lent.

Cakes are another classic gift, and why wouldn’t they be? If you’ve given up sweets, pastries, or any other food during lent, you’ll be ready to feast when you’re done fasting. Not only is the practice of feasting after the fast practiced by many Catholics, but it’s encouraged by the Catholic Church.

Sticking with either of these gifts will allow you to play it safe, and risk offending your coworkers.

Easter Gifts After Lent

After Lent, Christians move on to celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Depending on who you’ll be giving a gift, there are a number of traditionally appropriate options. Easter baskets, chocolates, and stuffed bunny rabbits make for good gifts for those who celebrate Easter similarly to most Americans, but they can be tremendously offensive to those who view these as Pagan symbols.

This is, ultimately, the most challenging part about getting a coworker a gift for a religious holiday. If you haven’t personally observed Lent, you’ll want to check with someone who has before you purchase a gift. Making sure that you don’t offend someone you had hoped to please with a thoughtful gift can be extremely difficult.

It’s generally safe to purchase books that share positive thoughts on the Christian faith, such as Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ, especially if you’re sure your coworker doesn’t already own it.

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