Coworker Gift Idea: Cool Office Candy Jars

I’ll never forget when Altoids, the mint company, came out with their jumbo size tin.  I placed it on my desk with the hopes that every single person that sat down across from me would help themselves.  I must say, the experiment was successful, limiting my engagement with halitosis and other yucky mouth odors.

Community mints and candy are not only a great way to combat your coworkers bad breath, but they are also fun conversation starters.  Whether you are looking to share the sugar love or just want an excuse to visit your favorite employee, here are some great ways to gift coworkers with a sweet tooth.

CandyMan Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser
Enjoy desk-side treats, without the germs!  The CandyMan Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser allows your coworkers to wave their hand to receive a treat.  Fill it up with unwrapped candy, unsalted nuts, or gum balls. Three settings let you decide how generous you want to be and 4 AA batteries ensure you won’t use any of the company’s electricity.

Jelly Belly Mini Bean Machine
Turn your coworker’s desk into a candy shop with this Jelly Belly Mini Bean Machine.  Choose to charge a penny for a handful of jelly beans or opt for the free setting.  Jelly beans seem to make everyone smile, and with unique flavor options such as Canned Dog Food, Skink Spray, Moldy Cheese and Barf, your work friends can decide how kind (or not!) they want to be.

“The Claw” Electronic Candy Grabber Machine Arcade Game
Bring the frustrating joy of an arcade crane machine to your office with “The Claw.” Coworkers can move the controls up, down, left and right to grab the treat of their choice.  They must navigate it down the chute before the music stops.  Provide your own treats and get ready to have your boss reprimand you for having too much fun.

M&M’S World Colorworks Candy Dispenser
Have a chocolate junkie on the payroll?  Help them get their fix with with this vibrant M&M candy dispenser.  Simple to fill and clean, the only draw back is that it won’t work with Peanut M&Ms!

Zevro Dual Dry Food Dispenser
I’m not sure about your office, but in my neck of the woods, there are dozens of people who treat themselves to a bowl of cereal every morning.  Eliminate stale Cheerios and box clutter from your workplace with the perfect gift: a dry food dispenser that keeps items fresh and germ free.  Add some color to your life by proudly displaying cereal designed for children (Fruit Loops, anyone?).

Putting sweet treats on display in the office is a great way to get people to smile. It also sends out a signal that you are approachable.  Brighten up a coworkers desk with one of these great candy dispensers.  Add your additions in the comments section below.

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