Bulk Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Looking for bulk Christmas gifts for coworkers is no easy task. First, you likely have a tight budget. And as badly as you would like to spend money on coworkers, it’s not always an option. Secondly, you want to make sure that your holiday gifts can be delivered and distributed quickly. Because after all, nothing is more valuable than your time. Thirdly, you want to make sure the small presents are useful and appropriate. In these politically correct times it is far too easy to misstep and give a gift that can be taken the wrong way. And last but not least, you want it to be something that is useful and functional and that they will appreciate.

Fear not! We have put together a list of bulk Christmas gifts for coworkers that will please everyone on your list.


As an intern, I’ll never forget receiving an umbrella from one of our sales reps. He gave one to everyone, regardless of position. It was a thoughtful and useful gift. Everyone and their mother can appreciate a small and compact umbrella that is functional and neutral in color. Every time it rains and they arrive to work dry they will be grateful for your gift.


A desk fan or cubicle heater

Let’s be honest, the thermostat is a contentious item in the workplace…assuming you can even find it and change it! Sort of like Goldilocks, no one can ever seem to agree on the right temperature. Consider a small cubicle fan or desk heater so that your employees can take temperatures into their own hands. It will empower them, and more importantly, make them comfortable. While not the cheapest on our list of bulk Christmas gifts for coworkers, definitely one of the more useful ideas.


flippivornado zippi

honeywell mini heater

8-in-1 Kitchen Tool Set

All those parts stack together in the shape of a wine bottle! Combines 8 different kitchen tools into one: funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator and measuring cup. No need to purchase your kitchen tools separately!

A fitness tracker

Thanks to the prevalence of these devices, wearable technology has never been more affordable. You’ll be shocked to find how inexpensive these devices can be and how much they will be appreciated by your employees. Whether you setup your own step challenge among employees and offer up a reward, or simply just give the gift for them to do with as they will, movement keeps us alive and we all know that the office doesn’t usually promote that. It’s one of those bulk Christmas gifts for coworkers that will seem more expensive than it really was.

fit-trackersCar emergency kit

Most people drive, and even if they don’t, these kits contain many useful items that can come in handy in a pinch. From an illuminating device to a weatherproof pen, these types of token gifts and great because they are the kinds of things that people general don’t spend their own money on – which is another reason why it’s a great gift idea!


fisher-penAlarm clock (and time!)

We mentioned earlier that there’s nothing more valuable than time. Remind your employees of that by giving them additional time away from the office if you can. It won’t take any money out of your wallet and is generally the most appreciated commodity on the planet. If your corporate structure can’t accommodate time as a gift, do the next best thing, and get them a nice alarm clock. It’s a bulk Christmas gifts for coworkers that is practical, plus they will never have an excuse for being late again.


Cheap drones

Years ago a cheap drone with camera was several hundred dollars. These days, you can pick up an inexpensive drone, stacked with cool features, for well under $50. Be the envy of your coworkers when you present the ultimate bulk gift for the holidays: drones!

Black Spider Mini Drone

red dronequadcopter

Coffee pods

Consider investing in it K-cup coffee machine. They are so inexpensive these days. And don’t forget to stock up on bulk coffee. This will keep your employees happy, help them socialize, and keep them alert and caffeinated. It’s a win-win situation. Check out these other community gifts for workers.


Key chains

Despite rapid advancements in technology, most of us are still trotting around a pretty hefty keyring. These days anything from a flashlight to a bottle opener to antibacterial gel hand be hanging off of a super compact key ring. People use their keys every day, so why not get someone to smile every time the lock or unlock a door.


Other ideas

There are plenty of other bulk gift such as unique pens, cool paper weights, even funky fish tanks for desks. You don’t have to spend a lot to get an employee to feel the appreciation. We have plenty of ideas that cost under $5 each, check them out here.

Remember, when giving out bulk Christmas gifts to coworkers, there are several rules to follow. You want to make sure that for the most part you are giving each person the same thing. The office can be like a fish bowl and if you appear to be playing favorites by customizing a gift for one employee and not another, it not only looks bad, but can land you in hot water.

You also want to make sure that you basically give everyone the gift at the same time. You will want to do it well ahead of the holiday before many employees are taking last minute vacation days.

Above all be sure to take care of your gift-buying earlier. We’re serious, there’s no better time to buy them today. Amazon can get it there in a day, but the last thing you need to do is be writing, labeling, and delivery at the last minute. You have enough to do during the holiday season, prep this one early!

Stocking Stuffers! Coworker Gifts Under $20

Gifts under $20?  Yup! It’s almost that time of the year again and you have probably started dreading all the Christmas shopping that you need to do. Most of us hate being pushed around in crowded malls while being in search for the perfect gifts, so why not save yourself all the misery and just order your gifts online? Join us as we shop from the comfort of our home the best stocking stuffers! Coworker gifts under $20 are easy to find  and they can be original and useful as well. You won’t find any mugs in this list, we promise!

Pinhead Dolls

A totally inappropriate yet hilarious gift under $20 that any colleague with a sense of humor will appreciate. All you have to do is stick a few pins on the charming voodoo doll and your problems will be solved within seconds…Or at least you will let some steam off! It comes in a “crazy coworker” version and a “Da Boss” version, both male and female! We don’t suggest offering the boss version to your coworkers though, unless you are da actual boss. News travel fast.




WTF Stamp

If you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers that are under $20 for people who are fed up with all the crazy stuff that is going on in your office, the WTF stamp will help them express their frustration and get it out of their system. Just make sure they are still sane enough not to use the stamp on official documents. You don’t want to get anyone fired, do you?




The Meaningless Phrases Book

You know how easy it is to be trapped in time-sucking conversation at the office, right? Anyone, from your boss to the colleague in the next cubicle, are trying to engage you in personal conversations, learn all your gossip and use it against you. Or not. But better be safe than sorry. This brilliant book by Jacob Lentz is under $20 and filled with meaningless phrases that will help you turn any actual conversation into a meaningless one, that poses no threat to you. Your colleagues will love it!




Prioritizing Notes

Are you looking for gift ideas for coworkers for under $20 who are always busy and complain about deadlines? Help make their lives easier with this set of post it notes. It will help them realize that not everything needs to be done today and “whenever” or “never” are also options! It’s just a matter of priorities.




Sucks Button

Because, let’s face it, we all have some ideas that just suck. Instead of trying to explain politely to your coworker why their idea/plan/presentation sucks, you can just press the suck button! Under $20!  Every time you push the button a different voice points out how the specific situation sucks, just so that no one in the office gets bored. We wouldn’t suggest offering the suck button to your boss. They might enjoy it too much.




Sleepy Bunny USB Hub

All this cuteness for less than $6! This sleepy bunny will help your colleague plug in all the USB cables that they need, including seeming useless ones, like a USB fan. The adorable bunny comes in bright lime green and yellow. That’s a great gift for the animal lover or anyone who loves pop aesthetics and colors to brighten up their cubicle.




There is nothing wrong with more traditional stocking stuffers, but why not bring some fun to the holidays? Just make sure that your office environment encourages a more relaxed atmosphere and your colleagues love fun gifts. If not, there are many traditional choices under $20, including wall calendars,  mugs, food gift baskets and all sorts of stationary supplies.

Great Holiday Gifts for Coworkers With Kids

Is your office having a holiday party for the kiddos? Did you decide to exchange gifts with the focus on the little ones this year? Whatever the case, we are here to help you choose great holiday gifts for coworkers with kids. Choosing the perfect gift can be tricky when you don’t know if your coworker has a boy or girl or if the party is a Secret Santa occasion, where gifts are randomly exchanged. That’s why we made sure to include in the list toys that would make boys and girls equally happy.


Even the kids who find reading hard and challenging, coworkers with kids will enjoy a book with fun poems, like “Llama llama and the bully goat”. This great book is part of a series by Anna Dewdney, in which Llama llama helps kids deal with everyday challenges. If you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers who have creative kids, you can choose a coloring book, like “Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book”. The ink illustrations of Johanna Basford are a work of art on their own and the book will become even more unique with the creative addition of the little ones.


Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are not only environmental friendly, they are also suitable for many different age groups. And when they are well-made, they are great décor for the kids room shelves as well. Melissa & Doug offer a great variety of wooden toys, ranging from cars and tool kits to wooden food sets.


Building Toys

For the future architect or construction manager, Lincoln logs are the fun way to get started. They offer hours of fun and allow for different combinations of the logs included, meaning the kids will never get tired of them. Of course Lego Bricks are another all time classic and if you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers who like to play with their kids, they will sure appreciate them. Building kits are a nice way for the whole family to spend time together. They just have to be careful not to step on a lego!


Dollhouses, castles and spaceships

The offspring of coworkers with kids  love to play with little figurines that inhabit colorful places. Fisher-Price has something for every taste. The little people happy sounds home toy is a three-level house with the Little People included, that can be enjoyed by kids from three up to 10 years old. The Little People Play n’ Go Castle is ideal to take at play-dates and trips. And for the little ones who like more surreal environments, the Octonauts Octopod play set is the perfect choice.


Board Games

Board games are a great gift for coworkers with kids with more than one kid, as they can all play with it, instead of fighting about it. The Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is a great game for preschoolers that helps develop hand-eye coordination, pre-handwriting skills and sorting, among others. Sequence is a board game that will be easy enough for your kids to play and interesting enough for you, to play with them.

Other Ideas

If you know a bit more about your colleague’s kid, you can safely pick a toy that they will like. Sticker collections are appreciate by kids that like scrap booking. Easy Bake is loved by boys and girls who want to be chefs. Balance games, like Suspend, are fun for many players of many ages. So depending on your coworker’s family composition, you can make the perfect choice!