Unique Pens Make Great Office Secret Santa Gifts

Despite the abundance of high-tech devices in offices around the world, it is still imperative to have a writing instrument on you at all times.  A unique pen can be a great Secret Santa gift or holiday stocking stuffer for a coworker.  Here are a few unique ideas.

50 Caliber Machine Gun Bullet Pen
Classified as decommissioned amunition, this brass pen is an actual machine gun bullet.

12-in-1 Multi-Function Tool Pen
Deemed the “World’s Most Functional Pen” by Guinness World Records, this multi-purpose pen makes a great gift for handymen, campers or anyone who wants to be prepared for life’s little emergencies.

Katapault Ball Pen
Seven-inch long pen features functional elastic slingshot so you can take a coworkers eye out.

Fisher Space Telescoping Space Pen
This pen writes at any angle, in any temperature, and boasts unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Cheerleader Pen
Who doesn’t want a pen with extendable arms and glittery pom poms?

Puzzle Pen
Ain’t a Rubik’s Cube, but will provide a minor challenge.

BIC 4 Color “Fashion Colors” Medium Point Ball Pen
Who doesn’t want a little color in their life?  This pen is uniquely yours when you choose to write in pink, purple, turquoise or lime green.

Fiskars 12-27457097 Gel Pen, 48-Piece Value Set
This fun pen set writes on any color paper and boasts  glitter pens, neon pens, metallic pens, and 12 swirl pens.

Spy Net: Secret Message Invisible Ink
Now your coworker can write his resignation letter in invisible ink!  The pen has a built in UV light to decode.

Kikkerland Cat LED Ballpoint Pen, Black
Glowing eyes, meowing sounds and black ink, this is a pen for kitty cats of all ages.

What cool pen do you want to see at your office Secret Santa?  Share your holiday gift ideas for coworkers in the comments section below.

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