Gifts for Coworkers Birthdays

It’s your colleague’s birthday!  Cake in the break room is a great treat, but what about something a little more personal?  Gifts for coworkers birthdays are less hard to choose than you think, and here’s a handy guide to help you get started.

Mug Warmer

Everyone needs a pick-me-up during the workday, but they don’t always have time to drink it.  Keep your associate’s coffee or tea from getting lukewarm and disgusting with this Mug Warmer.  It even doubles as a coaster, so maybe you’ll stop getting paperwork with coffee rings.


Pen Stand

If you’re never good at choosing gifts for coworkers birthdays, adding a little life to your cohort’s desk with the Potted Pen Stand is always safe.  Made to look like a pot of freshly growing grass, but it never needs to be watered and will hold all of your desk clutter!  Just make sure everyone else knows not to water it too.


Business Card Holder

Sometimes the best gifts are things they never knew they needed.  Less work than a rolodex and cuter too, this Business Card File Cabinet has an A-Z index for your cards and a little clock in the top drawer.  It’s small enough to easily fit on your desk, or if you’re really into grouping things together you can keep it with the other filing cabinets.


Tape Dispenser

For the dog lover, or just someone who likes the idea of taking things from canine mouths, a Dog Tape Dispenser is a great way to say “I know you like dogs, but I’m not getting you a real one.”  It’s much quieter than a real dog, and no one has to argue about whose turn it is to walk the dog.


Office Prank Book

gifts for coworkers birthdays don’t have to be boring.  Or even necessarily safe.  Cubicle Warfare lists 101 office traps and pranks, all illustrated and with complete instructions.  The difficulty ranges from novice to expert, and with this book around the office certainly won’t be boring.  It’s a good thing you trust your colleague, or you would have to watch your back after giving them this gift.  You do trust them, don’t you?

WTF Slammer

Because sometimes the craziness can get to be too much, this WTF Slammer says what you can’t.  With sound effects to keep it safe for work, this button has ten different ways to express disbelief and dismay.


Desk Tidy

All the little things on your desk are so hard to keep in one place.  Erasers and paper clips always seem to find their way into the weirdest places.  Give your associate a Frog Desk Tidy to help contain the tiny pieces of office life which always try to escape.

From gag gifts to practical items, it’s never been easier to get a heartfelt gift for your colleague’s birthday.  Just hop online and order, and you will never have to explain why you didn’t get them anything again.

Gifts for Annoying Coworkers

When you think of them, they always make you want to scream.  How can you get them a gift if you can’t even be in the same room with them?  Don’t worry, this list of great gifts for annoying coworkers will help you get through this gift-giving session in peace.

Desk Organizer

Is your associate’s consistently messy desk driving you nuts?  Help tidy up the workspace with “The Butt,” a funny desk accessory holder.  It’s a tape dispenser, pen holder, paper clip magnet and notepad holder, shaped like a person sitting on the toilet.  If that doesn’t clean up their desk, at least you can say that it looks like a bathroom stall without blowing your cover.


Memo Holder

Does your colleague always forget what they were supposed to do?  Now they won’t, with a Dino Memo Holder.  He stores pens and pencils, and guards your desk from tiny interlopers, too.


Extendable Fork

Looking for perfect gifts for annoying coworkers?  What about the resident lunch thief?  Give them the Freeloader Fork to let them know you know who the culprit is.  If the snack stealer is your boss, we don’t suggest giving this gift.  Better a lifted lunch than a pink slip.


Foldable Step Stool

That one person who always asks you to reach things on the top shelf will have no excuse if you give them this Easy Fold Step Stool.  It’s easy to carry, holds up to 300 pounds, and folds conveniently flat for storage.  Plus, you can always borrow it if you’re the short one in the office.

Mouse Pad

For the lazybones, nothing like a mouse pad they’ll never wear out.  The Doing Nothing Mousepad reads “Doing nothing is harder than it looks… it’s impossible to take breaks.”  This paper mouse pad allows you to just tear off the top layer to expose a fresh sheet underneath, that way it always looks unused.  We don’t suggest giving this one to your boss, either.

Pen Cap Utensils

Gifts for annoying coworkers can be a challenge to find.  If you’re tired of loaning out eating utensils to that associate who never brings their own, give them these Pen Cap Eating Utensils.  They fit snugly over the top of pens and are sturdy enough to withstand many meals.  They even come with three pens, so you don’t have to worry about being asked to loan a pen.


Spitball Dartpad

What about that colleague who can never make a decision?  This Decision Spitball Dartpad can speed things up.  With 50 answers and pieces of advice, they will never need to plague you with questions again.  Now you just have to put up with the constant spitballs.

With so many options to choose from, that frustrating colleague is just wrapping paper away from being a check mark on your list.  Who knows, maybe they’ll even get the hint.

Online Gifts for Coworkers

Sometimes you are so busy at work and home that you forget to schedule your gifts for coworkers shopping excursion. And we all know that last minute shopping, especially during Christmas time, can be a real nightmare. Fortunately, there is always the solution of online shopping, but with delivery times being often long, you need to buy your gifts way ahead of time. There is a solution for that as well! Online gifts for coworkers that do not require you to go to the shops or wait for them to be delivered. Following you will find a gift ideas for coworkers that are modern, original, useful and won’t take up space in your colleague’s storage room, in case they hate them.

For the colleague who has it all: Amazon e-gift cards

Amazon has a huge variety of products in so many categories, that your coworker will certainly find something that they like. The e-card can be delivered via e-mail within 15 minutes after you make your order. You can also print it and send it to them or you can even post your gift on their Facebook wall! [Read more...]

The Best Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Sometimes the best Christmas gifts for coworkers are the ones they can use at home. Time flies by and Christmas will soon be around the corner. So why not get prepared for your office’s gift swap ahead of time? Last minute gift shopping only leads to obvious, cliché choices. And no one likes the boring coworker, right? Don’t worry. That’s why we are here. Following you will find the best Christmas gifts for coworkers, ones that will keep them smiling for days. Ranging from cute and useful to downright hilarious and inappropriate, this list of gift ideas for coworkers has something for every taste.

Office supplies with a twist

Your coworkers spend at least eight hours of their day at the office. Don’t they deserve a little color and fun on their desk? Of course they do! That’s why they would be thrilled to replace their regular pen holder with the Dead Fred pen holder. Poor Fred, before he died he had many friends, like Splat Stan aka The Coaster, and Magnet Man, who always keeps paperclips in place with his magnetic powers. Those guys are an unfortunate but hilarious bunch. [Read more...]