Most Wanted Holiday Gifts for 2013

Holidays are coming and you are still at a loss, when it comes to gift ideas for coworkers. A great way to choose gifts that will truly please the recipient is to check out the most wanted holiday gifts for 2013 in major websites, like Amazon. This way you get an idea of what is really popular and you also get original ideas for gifts. No one wants one more stapler or folder organizer for their office! Don’t give them something that they need. Get them something that they really want!


Books are an all-time-classic and for good reason they are some of the most wanted holiday gifts 2013. They are a low budget gift that offers hours of thrill and excitement and really opens up new worlds to the reader. If you are looking for gift ideas for coworkers who enjoy to read, check out those new best seller, that have gotten excellent reviews and are highly unlikely to disappoint. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is a novel with a great plot, full of suspense. S. by J.J. Abrams is a book about a conversation that starts between two strangers in the form of notes in the margins of a book. If you are looking  for something for your coworker’s kids, then a book from the Diary of a Whimpy Kid series will be much appreciated. Book 8 of the series, Hard Luck, is the lists of the most wanted.


Games and Toys

If your office is hosting a family party, then you will need gifts for the little ones. It seems that for little girls nowadays making bracelets from rubber bands is all the rage, so they would be really excited to receive the Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom. For little boys and girls with an adventurous spirit, Lego Minecraft is an excellent choice. Adult Lego and Minecraft fans will of course appreciate it as well! And if you are looking for a game that is just for adults and you could play at the office party, then Cards Against Humanity is the game for you! Keep in mind that those cards are quite inappropriate, so use your judgment to decide who you give them to.



Who doesn’t love a good movie those cold winter nights? If you want to offer your colleagues something exciting to watch while they relax on their sofa with a bag of pop corn, then check out those new DVD releases. For the superhero fans, Man of Steel and The Wolverine are great choices. The new Start Trek movie has gotten some excellent reviews, even from old-school Star Trek fans. For the Tolkien enthusiasts, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the way to go. And if you want to do your coworker a favor and keep kiddos busy for a couple of hours, then Despicable me is all you need.



It will probably not come as a surprise, but once again The Beatles are in the most wished for lists all over the web. If you have a coworker who loves music, but you are not sure what they are listening to, since they wear headphones the whole day, The Beatles is always a safe choice. If you know a bit more about your coworker’s taste, you can pick a record with more precision. If your colleague loves pop, then they will probably appreciate the new records of Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. If they are more into rap then the new Eminem album is a great choice. And if they lean more towards alternative rock, then Arcade Fire is a band they probably appreciate.


Of course, if you have a bigger budget, you can look into most wished for lists of electronic gadgets, like Kindle, iPhone speakers, GPS or even fancy camera lenses. The options are endless for the most wanted holiday gifts 2013!